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My presentation is going about the book; The railway Children. It’s written by Edith Nesbit. The publisher is called; Penguin Readers. It is adventure book, but a roman book too. It’s called the Railway Children because the three children, Roberta, Peter, and Phyllis, lived near the railway. it’s a Non-fiction book, because you can live near the railway. The book takes place around 1900. The story is told in the third-person narration.
Their mother is a caring person, because she takes good care of her children, even when she was in a difficult situation because she was ill. Their father is suspected of being a spy, but everyone knows that is isn’t. Roberta is the smartest and the oldest of the children. And like mother she took good care of Peter an Phyllis. Peter is a guy that thinks he can play the boss every time. He also likes to play with locomotives. Phyllis is the youngest of the three.
Waar gebeurde het?
In the beginning, the story is set in a city, and they lives in a house. But when father wasn’t at home any more, and mother hasn’t any money to pay the house, they moved to a small village next to the railway station, and they liked it there very much.
There was a family, with a mother, father and three children. On one day, two men arrived in their house. They took their father with them, their mother was very sad, because father wouldn’t come back for a long time. They didn’t know where their father was brought to. The family moved to a house near the railway, because they didn’t have any money. When they lived there, mother became very ill, so the doctor came to their house. He said that mother needs food and medicines, but they didn’t have the money to pay it. One day, when the children waved to the train, they gave a letter to an old man who was on the train. The children asked for food and medicines for their mother. And the old man gave it to them. Mother wasn’t ill any more. Roberta read in a newspaper that her father was in prison for five years because people thought that he was a spy. Her mother explained that a man at her father’s work didn’t like her father and put some papers and letters in her father’s desk. Roberta wrote a letter to the old man on the train again, and asked for help.
The children experienced many adventures. There was fire on a boat, and Roberta, Peter and Phyllis saved a young baby. And one day, six children ran in to the tunnel. But only five children came out. The boy who was left, was still in the tunnel, and his leg hurted very much, Roberta, Peter and Phyllis saved him. They took him home, his name was Jim. Mother wrote a letter to Jim’s grandfather about the accident, the next day, the man visited mother, he was Jim’s grandfather and also the old man from the train. And he promised to help them with their father. One day, when they went to the station again, the station master smiled and told them he had good news. At the same time, the train came and their father came out. He told them that the real spy was caught, and he was a free man now, and they all went home.
I think it’s a very easy book to understand, because it doesn’t have many hard words. First I thought that it was a very boring book, because the front of the book looks very old. There are pictures in it that will help you understand the story. It is a nice book for beginners, because you will understand every page in the book. It is a exciting book too, because when the two men took father, you don’t know where he went.


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