The present darkness door Frank E. Peretti

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Boekcover The present darkness
The present darkness door Frank E. Peretti
Name of the author: Frank Peretti
Year of publication: First British edition in 1989

It is a novel about a city, Ashton. In this unknown city takes a spiritual battle place. This novel shows the power of pray and the present of angels and devils.

The story could have take place today, at least as they have a carnival for the whole city.

The most important theme is that you must not undervalue the power of the Darkness but it also shows the power of prayer.

Tal is the captain of the angelic warriors. He has to fight against the devil, to get them out of Ashton.

Rafar, the Prince of Babylon leads the demons to threaten the Christians and to help and protect the people which love money and power.
Hank Bushe is a young pastor of a small church. The pastor before him flew away and Hank is not also what the Darkness wants, because Hank listens to what the Holy Ghost tells him.
Marshall Hogan is the owner of the newspaper. He has a nose for something rotten. He is not infected by the Darkness, but he also is not a real Christian.

The place where the story takes place is Ashton, a little city. It has a campus, the Whitmore College and its own paper. But it is also the place where the bad meets the good.

It is difficult to say how much time there is between the beginning and the end of the story. I think a few months, because Marshall needs time to find out what is going on.

I really like the story. You realise that there is more between heaven and earth. Although Jesus won, the Devil has might. And that God wants us to pray. The rebuke of demons is very typical for the Americans.

If you have not thought about these things it is a big confrontation or laughable stuff (if you think that it is all fantasy). If you sometimes think about how it could be, this book is a must.

In the end of the story Tal and Rafar are fighting. Tal does not feel well, because the Remnant does not pray so much anymore. Then Edith Duster gets the feeling she has to pray. And from that moment Tal gets stronger and is able to destroy Rafar.

Rafar is the bad figure, not only because he represents the Darkness, but also how he talks and handles to his own subjects especially to Lucius.

The thought that there are angels like Tal around you is encouraging. But to be a Christian like Hank… that is wonderful.

When I read this book, sometimes I thought of the book ´Deadline´ from Randy Alcorn. That novel goes about a columnist who also learns that there is more between heaven and earth.

Bernice, the assistant of Marshall, is put in prison, because she made a photo of two people who did not want to be seen together. And Hank gets a message ´you are dead meat…´, because he prays. When Bernice is out of prison, she en Marshall are going to inquire into this strange affair. And Hank knows that there is something going on in the city, something from the devil. Unseen for Marshall and Hank there are angels watching over them.
Marshall and Bernice meet much resistance and Marshal gets also problems with his daughter, Sandy. Sandy gets college of a psychology professor Langstraat and this woman brings Sandy in a hypnotic trance. Langstraat has much influence on important people in the city and she is from the devil, she leads also the ´Inner Circle´.
Marshall and Hank become prisoners in the same cell. There, Marshall really converts. They tell each other their story and pray.
Bernice and Marshall know that there is a man, Kaseph, who wants to take Ashton over; he bought many shops and houses and he has much influence on the important people of the city.
The angels have known that for a long time and are ready to fight, the battle between Tal and Rafar. Marshall goes to the meeting were the university will be taken over. Then the battle takes fire and finally the Light conquers the Darkness.


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