The mystic masseur door V.S. Naipaul

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Boekcover The mystic masseur
The mystic masseur door V.S. Naipaul
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1. Title: The Mystic Masseur
Explanation: When Ganesh became a masseur, he wasn’t visited by many people. After that he had announced to be a mystic one, he became populair.

2. Author: V.S. Naipaul

3. Perspective: The story is told by an omniscient narrator.

4. Theme: The successes of a simple boy from a village.

5. Characters:Main- Ganesh(round), Leela (round), Beharry(round), Ramlogan(flat)
Minor- Soomintra(round), Indarsingh(round), Narayan (round)

6. Setting: Time- This story happened between 1945 and 1953

Place- This story took place in Trinidad

7. Motives:
Quarrel: There was a quarrel between Ramlogan and Ganesh, because Ganesh don’t
his word that he had given to Ramlogan that he wouldn’t ask big dowry at
his wedding and he took a big amount of money and a place in fuente grove
from Ramlogan.
Hate: Narayan heated Ganesh, because of his successes and writes bad things about him

8. Plot:
Ganesh who lived in a village in Trinidad, was sent by his father at the town college.
When he passed on his in the second grade, his father wanted him to get married, otherwise he had to live as an orphan. Ganesh choose to live as an orphan because he want to go to school. He wanted to teach. But he was unappreciated as a teacher and left school for good.

One day he get a telegram, itsays that there is a bad news for him and he must come home now, it was singned by Ramlogan. He went to the village and his father died. He met Ramlogan he wasgood friend of Ganesh’s father. He was glad to be back in his village, the people there repected him.

Ramlogan had a shop and he always called Ganesh there and they had many conversations. Ganesh told him that he want to write a book. He had a daughter Leela, and asked Ganesh to marry her and Ganesh agreed.

One day Ramlogan came to Ganesh and cried and told him that some people had robbed him because he can not read and he wouldn’t able to the dowry, he promised him that he would not asked him a big amount at his wedding, but he don’t held his word with Ramlogan. He took cash and a house in Fuente Grove from Ramlogan.

He went to live in the house that Ramlogan had give them in Fuente grove and decides to become a masseur. But no one visited him. He also wanted to write a book. He bought a mount of books and read them.

One day Leela left a note for him that she can not live with him, with the insult of her family. Ganesh lost hope to write the book. But beharry, who was a good friend of him and Beharry wife encoured him to write the book. After hard work of more than five years he write the book.

When he went to leela, she and her father were very glad. But when Ramlogan take a look in the book and saw that the book was dedicated to Beharry, he got very angry. Because he found that the book must have been dedicated to him. He was very angry and said him to take away his wife and never come at his house.

At first the selling of his books weren’t encouraging. But later it become a success.

One day a woman came to see him, she had a son and he said that a cloud was chasing him. Eventually Ganesh succeeds in to disappear the cloud. And still within two weeks all Trinidad know about Ganesh and his powers. He became a mystic masseur.

Within a months he was getting as many clients as he can handle. People cam to him sick and went away well. One Sunday beharry went to ganesh that some taxidrivers were charging up to 5 shillings and they were saying that the ganesh owned them, but the taxies were owned by his fater-in-law Ramlogan. Ganesh went to Ramlogan and want to buy his taxies, at first he refused but later he agreed.

He publishes an article in the papers in which they write only bad and lies about ganesh. This article was edited by a person called Narayan.

Later Ganesh decides with Swami , partab and a young boy to make paper called the dharma in which they write against Narayan. Ganesh, Swami and Partab decides to go in politics again narayan. Narayan then know his weakness of his postion and asked if they can forgive him. Ganesh then became M.L.C. (Member of Legistative Council).

After sometime he decided to move to port of spain. In 1949 Ganesh was described as an important political leader. In 1950 he was sent by the british government to lake success and his defence of british colonial rule is memorable. Thegovernment of Trinidad , realized that after that Ganesh stood little chance of being elected at the General Elections, nomitated him to the Legustative council and arranges for him to be a member of the executive council. Indrasingh was elected in Ganesh’s old ward on a platform of modified Socialism, In 1953 Trinidad learned that Ganesh Ramsumair had been a M.B.E.


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it is a nice story. i have already read it.

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ik ook;s a nice book man

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u heeft het gelezen, dan is dt samenvatting goed?

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