The giver door Lois Lowry

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Boekcover The giver
The giver door Lois Lowry
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Title: The giver
Author: Lois Lowry
Number of pages: 168 pages

This story takes place in the Community. The Community is a perfect place where everything is arranged for every one. There are no choices, there is no war or fear or pain, and everything is under control.
The Community can be anywhere here in the world. It’s just separated from our way of living.

This book is set on the time we live, with modern things we use too. When it would be in another time, like the future or the past, the story wouldn’t be very different. It goes especially about this Community, and that could have played at any time.

Main Characters:
Jonas is the main character. He’s twelve years old and lives with his father, mother and little sister. Those three people are main characters too, but less than Jonas. Jonas is a very honest boy, who does everything he has to do.

A second main character is the Giver. He teaches Jonas about the past, and why the Community became the Community. He’s an old man who’s got much pain because of the memories. He likes Jonas very much.

Short summary:
Jonas’s world is perfect. Everything is under control, and you can’t make choices. Every one goes to the Ceremony in December. At this Ceremony, children get something everytime when they turn older. When they turn twelve, they get a job. Jonas’s job is being the Giver. Before he can be the Giver, he gets an education from the present Giver. The giver is the only one who receives memories from the past, from before the Community. Jonas gets those memories one by one. When the time pasts by, Jonas and the Giver decide to escape from the community, to the real world where the memories are real. The Givers stays in the Community, because he has to help the people to handle with he memories Jonas leaves behind him.
The end: Jonas has succeeded his escape.

Was it difficult to read this story in English?
It wasn’t very difficult to read this in English, only in the beginning I had to get used to reading English. After a while I didn’t notice anymore that it was English.

What is your opinion about this story? Why?
This is a good story, better than the most books of school. (It was a book of myself.) It’s just a kind of book you can find in the (Dutch) library, only difference is the English thing.

Give a mark
This book gets an 8.5.


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jonas` job that he was asigned to wasn`t the job of the giver but the job of the receiver of memories

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