The dead of Jericho door Colin Dexter

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The dead of Jericho door Colin Dexter
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Creative work:
Diary of Inspector Morse

Mrs Murdoch’s party (the day I was introduced to Anne)

Mrs Murdoch introduced me at the beginning of the evening to Anne; she was not a very beautiful woman. After that our eyes had met several times across the room, but we hadn’t spoken to each other. When she was looking at the food, I decided to go up to her. Close, Anne looked more attractive than ever, with her wide brown eyes, clear skin and generous mouth… We spoke a few words.
At that point I decided to sit and eat in peace, after all, I am fifty and going bald, I shouldn’t be chasing women who are more than ten years younger…

A minute later, Anne surprised me, by coming towards me.
She wanted to join me! Just like me, she thought the people at the party were a bit boring.
Our eyes met again. And she said that she found me very attractive… We started talking. She had studied modern languages and then worked as a foreign sales representative; she had stayed in that job for eight years and then left to go teaching.
I found that there were some holes in her story; I thought Mrs Murdoch said Anne was married, but I didn’t say anything. I just sat there drinking wine and looking at her happily. We held hands and talked as old friends. Than Lewis ranged me. I had to go quickly.
I asked her if we could meet again, and she gave me her address.
There was one question I had been thinking about all evening, ‘You’re married?’ I asked. She paused a moment and said she was married, but I couldn’t hear everything she said because Lewis entered the room and came towards me. I really had to go, but I realised I didn’t knew her name! Anne Scott she said and whispered ‘You’ve got my address?’
I don’t know, an affair with a married woman seems rather complicated to me, but you know, maybe I’ll met her again someday.


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dit is gewoon de 1e bladzijde -,-

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Dit is geen samenvatting fucking mongol
Ik raad u aan om van da Albertkanaal te springen


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