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Title of Book: The Curious Incident of the Dog in the Night-time

 Author: Mark Haddon


The main-character lives with his dad in Swindon, UK. But sometimes he goes to London.

 Main Characters:

  1. Christopher Boone; the main-character
  2. Ed Boone; his father 
  3. Judy Boone; his mother
  4. Siobhan; his tutor (Female)
  5. Mr. Shears; a neighbour
  6. Mrs. Shears; Mr. Shears wife
  7. Mrs. Alexander; a neighbour 
  8. Toby; his rat (Male)
  9. Wellington; the dog who’s murdered 

 Summarize the story:

Christopher Boone is a five-teen year old boy who suffers with the syndrome of asperger. One night he finds his neighbours dog, Wellington, murdered in the neighbours garden. After several questions he was ask by the local police, he decides to find out by him self who killed the dog. Christopher mentions in the book that he has written this book by himself. He sees this book as a murder-mystery novel. But in most of the chapters you discover how difficult it is for him to communicate to other people. His social skills are substandard and he  always tells the truth. 

Christopher has a tutor, named Siobhan. She helps him with many of things like: emotions, feelings, and how to communicate nicely to people.

How did the story end? (conclusion)

Christopher’s dad tells him for many years his mum past away. In his quest to find out who killed Wellington Christopher discovers that his mum fell in love with Mr. Shears. He becomes ill. And because his father feels very sorry for him, he tells him all the truth. His mother isn’t dead but she lives with Mr. Shears in London. In anger his father killed the dog Wellington. 

Christopher is very afraid because he thinks if his father can kill a dog, he can kill him too. With the credit-card of his father. He goes on a trip to London. Christopher wants to live by his mum. But both of his parents disagree. He’s going to live by his dad in Swindon. 

In the book it comes down to that Christopher finds out that, despite his handicap, he can do anything. 

Did you like the book?

Yes, you must know that I suffer with the same handicap as Christopher, so I recognise a lot of things by his behaviour. The book has many funny things. Like every chapters is divided into prime-numbers, his way of thinking and metaphors. 

Would you recommend this book to a friend?

Yes, I would. I have said before that I’m autistic too, so I want to recommended to friends, so they can understand how difficult it might be to be a autistic.


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