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Mark Haddon.
He was born in Northampton in 1962. He studied for a BA in English at Merton College, Oxford, graduatied in 1981 and after some odd jobs he studied English Literature at Edinburgh University.
After that he worked for Mencap and several other organisations, working with children and adults with a variety of mental and physical handicaps.
He also wrote for magazines and had been a cartoonist for the New Statesman, Spectator, Private Eye, Sunday Telegraph and Guardian for which he co-wrote a cartoon strip.
He lived for a couple of years in America but returned to England were he started to become famous due to his involvement with many television projects. He has won numerous awards, including two BAFTAs and The Royal Television Society Best Children’s Drama for Micro soap for which he was the creator and writer of 12 out of 25 episodes.

Between these pursuits he wrote a couple of books like the Curious Incident of the Dog in the Night-Time. With these books he also won some prizes.
The Curious Incident of the Dog in the Night-Time.
In the night Wellington, the dog of Christopher’s neighbour, got killed. That is a very curious incident in this book and Christopher wants to find out who did it.
It’s a novel. It is a psychological novel and a novel of manners because the manner of an autistic boy is described. It is also a kind of a diary because the main character tells what he does every day or week.
Main characters.
Christopher John Francis Boone.
He is the  main character in this book. He has Asperger’s Syndrome, a kind of autism. He knows a lot about math and very little about human beings. He hates the colours yellow and brown but he loves red.
Father: he is a nice man, who loves Christopher, but his wife left him and he can’t deal with that so he told Christopher that she died of a heart attack. He hides the letters from Christopher’s mother from Christopher.

Mother: she is a nice woman who had a difficult time with Christopher. She left the house and lives with her neighbour. She finds it difficult to deal with the problem that she can’t see her son anymore.
This book is about a boy, Christopher Boone. He lives in Swindon, in a neighbourhood with strange and normal people. On a cold day the Christopher's neighbor's dog was killed. He has a big fork in his middle and lay in the front garden. Christopher is very shy, but he knew her so he asked if he could help Mr and Mrs Shears with finding the killer. Christopher decides to investigate who killed the dog and to write a detective book about it.
Christopher’s dad doesn’t like it and the police don’t like it also. He gets in trouble and hit a policeman. Christopher still investigates and seeks information about the killer. He has a couple of strange behaviors. He hates a couple of colours and if he sees a car in yellow or brown he has a bad day and if they are red he has a good day. He is very good in math and he is the first one on his school who does exams.
One day his mother had a heart attack and she went to the hospital where she died. Christopher doesn’t see her anymore and he is a ‘little bit’ sad.
After a while he finds letters from his mum, proving she isn’t dead. She lives with Mr Shear in London. So Christopher’s dad keeps the letters in a box and hides them for Christopher.
He is very angry and afraid because his dad told him that he killed the dog so he goes to his mother in London. His father goes to London to find him and there they talk about it. Christopher’s mother leaves her new boyfriend and she and Christopher live in Swindon together.

Narrative structure.
This book has a normal structure with no flashbacks. The time span is about a couple of weeks. The point of view is the first person.
The theme is how difficult it can be to live as an autistic person and how you deal with your life if you have these kinds of behaviors, which aren’t normal for this society and for the people around you.
I liked the book very much. My dad told me to read the book after he read it, because I have an Autistic brother. He thought it was nice to read and to learn about the manner of an autistic person. It was also very easy to read en sometimes it was even funny.


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