The call of the wild door Jack London

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Boekcover The call of the wild
The call of the wild door Jack London
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Buck was a Sint Bernard dog.
He lived in a big house in the Santa Clara Valley in the South of Alaska. He was four years old and lived a quiet life till Manuel, who was a bad man, sold him for money to a gold digger.

The new owner of Buck named Perraut and his partner Francois set him and other dogs on a ship to the north of Alaska for searching gold .
This was the last time Buck saw the warm Southland from were he was coming from.

The north was terrible for Buck. He had to sleep in the snow and had to pull the sled

of his master.
But though the work was hard Buck liked it.
Day after day Buck worked with the other dogs. He was so hungry that he eat a pound and a half fish. His muscles became hard as iron and his old instincts became alive

One day Buck had a fight with Spitz, the leader of the dogs, but that fight was interrupted by Francois.
Another day Buck had the possibility to fight without the interference of his master and he killed Spitz.
So he was the leader of the dogs.
He tooks up the duties of a leader and showed himself better than Spitz.
The team of dogs was better than ever and all days they were getting nothwarts.

Than new orders came and another man took over Buck and his team.

Now the team of dogs had to transport letters to the men who saught gold in the shadow of the pole.
In less than 5 months the dogs had travelled 2500 miles.

Arrived at a place, named Klondike, 3 new man coming from the states bouht the team.
The 3 man were without order and discipline and the dogs were underfeeded.

A man, named John Thornton, gaved them advice but that was not followed.
Thornton liberated Buck and he was an ideal master.

Mister Thornton saved his life and Buck loved him because he traited his dogs like his own children
When Thornton had a fight in a bar Buck saved his life by defending him. Another day
he saved his life when he got Thornton out of the water.

Buck became famous all over Alaska when he started a sled with thousand pounds.
Thornton who had bet with another man won thousand dollers.
When Thornton won this money he moved to the east with his dogs.

There he found gold mine who made him rich, but one day the Indians killed him.
When Thornton was dead Buck followed the wolves and became their leader.
He killed many Indians who were afraid from him and called him “The ghost dog”.


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