Tess of the D'Urbervilles door Thomas Hardy

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Boekcover Tess of the D'Urbervilles
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Boekcover Tess of the D'Urbervilles
Tess of the D'Urbervilles door Thomas Hardy

I’ve read the book Tess of the d’Urbervilles. In my opinion it was a good book because the story is dramatically enough and I like a little bit of drama in a book. One thing I have to mention, the story was written fluently but when there happened something important the writer just told it in two lines. The story goes about girl named Tess Durbeyfield. Her family was actually a descendant of an old family called the D’Urbervilles. Near her living place there was another family with this name and Tess had to go there to meet them and to improve the family relationship. Alec d’Urberville , the son of Mr. d’Urberville, seduced Tess and finally raped her. The cruel thing about it was that Tess was a virgin. She got pregnant and went back home. She didn’t want that the story would be told around so she moved away and never mentioned her last name again. She went working on a farm, her baby got ill and died. At the farm she met a young man named Angel Clare. She recognized him immediately because he was the guy that danced with all the girls except her on a May-day at the village of Marlott. They fell in love with each to her and they decided to marry. At their wedding night they told each other their past. When he got to know that she wasn’t that pure he was angry with her and left her. He went to brazil to find a good place to start his own farm. He knew it was a hard punishment for him and Tess because they loved each other so much, so he decided to go back. On his journey he also got ill and his good looks were gone, but he vanquished his illness. When he came back he finds out that Tess moved in with Alec d’Urberville. He talked for a while with Tess but Tess asked him to leave because she was very sad. Alec told her that Angel would never come back and Tess trusted him. He lied about it because Angel stood there to told her how much he loves her. He went away very sadly to think about everything because she wrote in letters to him that she loved him forever and so he was confounded. She was so angry with Alec and she killed him. She ran away to find Angel and when she found him they both went to an empty house to sleep. It looked like their honeymoon because they were so happy together. Tess asked angel if there would happen something with her, he got to take care of her younger sister Liza-Lu, because she knew that the police was searching for her. “Inside the house was forgiveness and love : outside was eventual punishment.” They dared not stay any longer so they moved, they kept going all day and most of the night. Suddenly, Clare almost bumped in a big stone in front of him. It was a Stonehenge but it was dangerous to stay there because that place could be seen for miles in daylight. But Tess wanted to stay there because she felt at home. Tess was tired and went to sleep. Angel saw a bunch of black clothed men come closer. When they surrounded Tess and Angel they took Tess with them. She was put in prison and convicted for murder. They hang her in a morning of July at eight o’clock. “The gods had finished playing with Tess. Society had seen ‘justice’ down. Her d’Urberville ancestors slept on in their tombs, uncaring.”


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