Stormbreaker door Anthony Horowitz

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Boekcover Stormbreaker
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Boekcover Stormbreaker
Stormbreaker door Anthony Horowitz

Title: Stormbreaker
Author: Anthony Horowitz
Series: Alex Rider series
Genre: Adventure, spy, thriller
Pages: 188
Publication date: 2000 (Walker Books), 2001 (Puffin Books)

Anthony Horowitz
Anthony Horowitz was born in ’55 in Great Britain and is an English author who has written a number of children’s books. He had an unhappy childhood at a school in Harrow, London. He later studied at the University of York, after that he became a text writer at an advertising agency. In the meantime he wrote some books that became popular. Then he resigned his job and became the writer of the Alex Rider series. Some stories of his books became available on DVD.

Alex Rider (the main character) lives with his uncle Ian. He doesn’t know his parents, because they were killed in an accident shortly after his birth. Suddenly his uncle is killed by a traffic accident, according to the police. Alex doesn’t understand why he’s killed, because always his uncle was very careful. At his funeral, Alex meets Mr. Blunt, ‘’the president of the bank’’, where his uncle ‘worked’. Alex doesn’t trust him, so he is going to investigate what really happened. He goes to a junkyard, and finds the car of Ian, which is not even broken. At the bank Alex speaks Mr. Blunt again. Alex is taken to a military camp, where he is trained to the Special Forces in two weeks time. Alex has to do a mission. It turns out that his uncle did the same mission and hasn’t survived it. Through a hidden cave Alex enters the ‘’Bio secured area’’ of the company named Sayle Enterprises. That company makes cheap supercomputers called Stormbreaker, developed for all schools. He discovers that there is a certain virus in all the computers that spreads a poison once the president of England connects each computer to each other at the opening of the Science Museum. The deadly poison will spray out of the computer and kill thousands of children.

Herod Sayle, the owner of the company, discovers Alex and locks him up. He escapes and get on board of an aircraft. Alex threatens the pilot with a gun and let him fly to London. Alex jumps out of the plane. Herod escapes and kidnaps Alex a few days later to murder him, but then someone shoots Herod in his back and then the story ends. 

(285 words)

Alex Rider
Alex is the main character of the book. He is a 14 years old well-trained fighter. He can bungee jump, drive a car and shoot with a firearm. He is a tough and smart boy, who loves a bit of adventure and dares much like swimming in an underwater river in the cave. Furthermore, he is serious and sportive and has a lot of perseverance.

(65 words)

My opinion
 I like the book, because it is has a kind of James Bond theme. However, the story can’t happen in real life, some occurrences are unlikely. The writer has fascinated me the whole story and it is also pleasant to read, because everything is explained clearly. He keeps the reader several times in ignorance, just gives vague instructions and keeps the tension in the story. He creates cliffhangers at the end of each chapter and makes you want to read the book at once. I have come to the conclusion that the content of this book is very unrealistic, but the way of writing compensates that.

I would recommend this book, because the book has a great way of writing, it’s exciting and you want to read it in one time.


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