Snowbird winter door Sue Welford

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  • 24 juli 2007
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Snowbird winter door Sue Welford
Help nu jouw favoriete goede doel door jouw mening te geven!

Hoe? Heel simpel. Geef je op voor het panel van Young Impact en geef jouw mening over diverse onderwerpen zoals gelijke kansen, diversiteit of het klimaat. Voor iedere ingevulde vragenlijst (+/- 1 per maand) ontvang je een bedrag dat je direct mag doneren aan een goed doel naar keuze. Goed doen was nog nooit zo easy!

Meld je aan!
Brin: hoofdpersoon
Winnie: tante van Brin
Chris: een vriend van Brin
Toni: zusje van Brin
Tom: broertje van Brin
Alex: moeder van Brin
David: vader van Brin
Shannah: de mysterieuze vogel

At a night there's a notary at the door by Brin in Londen. The notary tells them an aunt of them has died; Winnie, she was called. Whom they didn't know of. They were heirs the house of Winnie at the country. Brin's parents decide to move there. Brin don't mind it but Toni wants to stay in london.
Chris, who'd lived all his life in Cambridge, also knows there are going to live new people in the house Dimmocks. He doesn't feel like it. When Brin and here family arrived at Cambridge, Brin has to get the key at Chris' house. There Brin meets Chris for the first time. Because it is an old house they have to renovate the house. There's also a tower where old stuff of Winnie is stored. Only the tower is a bit rickety. But still Brin goose to the tower because she want to know more about here aunt and here husband who was a artist.

At a evening when Brin is looking for Chris who is fishing they see a strange bird fly over. They don't know fore sure because it was very misty. Chris had seen it before but a long time ago he don't like it that Brin knows about it to now. Because he thought it was his secret. They go and look to getter fore more clues to find what kind of bird it was.

At a morning the brother of Brin let here see a drawing of his nightmare. It looks like some strange code in strange signs. The there begins a time of having snowfall the kids find it exciting but it begins to be very cold. But still Brin keeps going to the tower to find more clues about the strange bird ore Winnie. One time she and Chris found a strange big egg. At the egg there were these strange signs just as tom had draw. They pushed the code and the egg opens. There disappeared a hologram of the strange bird they had seen in the misty evening. Brin and Chris get a story by the hologram that the egg was left by a group on earth. These Birds normally live on a ice planet. Then they were stranded on earth in the winter and left this egg here fore it's last flight. Brin and Chris also found out this is here last chance to go to the cold places if she don't makes it she dies.

Brin and Chris want to help the bird but they have to wait until the snowstorms are over. In the time they have to wait Brin finds out here father wants to renovate the tower in a weak. Al the stuff will be get out the tower trough employers. Brin makes up a excuse that the egg is from Tom who hides it for Toni. Finally they hide the egg in a closet. They decide the egg is no longer safe and hide it in the boathouse. That night there's a fire at the boathouse. Brin and Chris think That Shannah (the name of the bird) is no longer in life.

The next morning Tom comes with another drawing; this time there's a big egg in a nest. Now Brin gets a little bit more trust under at the drawing there were written some letters were Vhris can get out "Upware". They go and look outside and see two boys are looking at the egg. A discussion follows the two boys decide to leave the egg by Chris and Brin. At a night when the ice is melting they decide to go and move the egg. They put it in a pram. But wene they decide to leave Toni was standing in front of them. Chris and Brin tell here the story and what the are doing because if they didn't Toni went straight to here parents. They take the egg to Chris his boat and fern to Wicken Fen. There arrived and hide the egg in the reed. Toni finds the Medallion from Winnie in the egg. Now they know also that Winnie know the existing of Shannah. A few days later they still haven't heard ore see any thing of Shannah's last flight. But when Chris, Brin en Toni are going to look it happens. They see Shannah flying away together with a snowgoose.

Ik vond het wel een leuk boek om te lezen. Het was makkelijk en niet een alledaags onderwerp.


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