Pretty Little Liars door Sara Shepard

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Boekcover Pretty Little Liars
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Boekcover Pretty Little Liars
Pretty Little Liars door Sara Shepard
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1 Title: Killer.

Date of publication: 30 June 2009

2 Author: Sara Shepard.

Born: 1978

Nationality: American.

Some titles: All the Pretty little liars books and ‘The lying game’

3 Background: The school is really important for the girls, because that is the place where they are the most. But also their own houses are really important and the cafe’s and cinemas in their neighborhood.

4. Time: All of the actions in the Pretty Little Liars books were described in the present. Only a few flashbacks about Alison are in the past. Most of the events take a few days. There’s is not a real chronological order because sometimes you read flashbacks from 2 or 3 years return about Alison, and she’s dead now.

5 Narration: It is a he/she narrator. Because there are four girls, and in every chapter they tell you something about the problems, thoughts and emotions from one girl.

6 Characteristation: Alison Dilaurentis:

She is in the books 14 years old, all of her friends are older in the book. But she is an other story because she is dead and the only things that you read about her are flashbacks. She had 4 best friends and was very populair in her neighborhood. Her school was Rosewood High School. Her hobby was shopping and bullying from other people (especially girls). She looks very grown up for her age, she was blond and very tall, a real California girl.

Emily Fields:

She is in the books 16 year old (not in the flashbacks; then she is 14 year old). She has also 4 best friends and was not that populair, before she was friends with the other four, had she only friends in her swimming club. That is also her hobby (swimming), she’s very good at it. She looks like a innocent girl, dark hair and a tinted skin. She is also a bit different from the other girls: She's not interested in boys but in girls. (Alison only knew this because Emily has kissed her once, the rest discovered after a photograph which showed Emily and Maja; kissing.

Hanna Marin:

She is also 16 year old but in the flashbacks she is 14. She is a good friend from the other girls. She’s the most surprising girl from the four girls. Because in the flashbacks she is fat, a little bit ugly and in the shadow from the other girls (especially in those of Alison) But after the dead from Alison is she changed: Lost some weight, change from her outward appearance and now she is one of the populair girls from the school. She has not much hobby’s: She love to go shopping and she is a bit obsessed with steal things in a shop. She looks like Alison when she was alive: Blond, tall and slim.

Aria Montgomery:

She is 16 year old in the present but in the flashbacks she is 14. She is best friends with the other 4 girls and had a relationship with a teacher. She is very artistic and creative. So it's not weird that her hobby is painting. She had no friends before she was friends with the other four. But that was because she had lived a year in Iceland. She looks a little bit weird, she wear clothes for herself and not for other people, so her clothes and hair are very colorfull and special.

Spencer Hastings:

She is also 16 year old and in the flashbacks 14 year old. She is a very good friend from the other 4 girls. She is an extremely competitive girl who wants perfection in everything she does. Her hobby is studyin. She is president of nearly all the clubs in school. She wants to be perfect because her older sister is very special for her parents and she wants to be even special to them. She is mostly wearing a bit ‘nerdy’ clothes and is good friends with all her teachers.

7 Character development: The only character that really changed is Hanna, because she goes from fat, ugly girl to beautiful and populair girl.

8 Genre: Novel.

9 Theme: I think the most important thing from this book is to entertain the readers. But sometimes it is sometimes a bit difficult to read, because there are many girls and many things that happen. You follow 4 girls who struggling with problems of ‘normal’ teenage girls. The main theme in this book is (I think) ‘the normal way to live for teenagers (especially girls)’ and a bit mystery. Because they try to find out who the murder from Alison is. The title is about Emily. Because she was always the one who Alison admired and the defender for everything what Alison did and the other girls said then always: stop Killer (that was her nickname because she was always the defender from Alison.

10 Personal Opinion: I love this book. Because it is about the normal way of life from normal teenage girls. But just a little bit different. The writer is so good that when you read this book you believe that this is real, but when you stop reading then you realize that it is just a story. And I also like the characters because they are so different. Some of them are really nice and good to everyone and the other girls are just the opposite. Very mean to other people and think that they are the best. That makes the story so fun to read. But I think that not everyone like the books. It is important that you like to read about typical girls things and a bit mystery.

11 Summary: In the last few books you read about the search for Alison’s murder. A few people were suspected, but the most important one was Ian. But in the last book before these, you read that he was murdered by a person ‘’A’’. This is not the first time they are confronted with ‘’A’’. Besides the mystery from the murder from Alison is there another mystery; Who is ‘’A’’? And then you have their own problems. Emily has sex with her ex-boyfriend Icaac, but she was gay right? But more important is; his mother finds out and threatens Emily, and then they break up. And Aria falls in love with Jason Dilaurentis (The brother from Alison), until he becomes very cold and distant to her. The most important thing happened to Spencer. She has find out that she is not the real daughter from the Hastings and in this book she meets a woman named Olivia and she thinks that thats her real mother. And she wants to move to New York for her. But after Spencer gave all her college money to Olivia, she discovered that she is not her real mother. At the opening party for Radley, a school for problem youth, Emily discovered that Jason Dilaurentis had been a patient there. And then the 4 girls think that Jason ánd Darren Wilden (The policeagent who investigates the murder from Alison) had something to do with Ali’s murder. Before the dead from Ian he talks to Spencer and he had told her about that. But before they can do something, set someone the woods behind Spencer’s house on fire. And then the girls see someone running away from the fire, and they believe that it is Alison, still alive.


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