Nicholas Nickleby door Charles Dickens

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Boekcover Nicholas Nickleby
Nicholas Nickleby door Charles Dickens
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4) A) What character do I admire most? Why?
Newman Noggs:
Newman is the servant of one of the main characters (Ralph Nickleby)
He is the character I admire most because he risks his job, everything he has and even his life, for Nicholas (THE main caracter)and his family. He’s does not own much but, what he has he risks by helping him and his family. He is the person everybody likes, I have not found one person in the book that does not like him and that’s something to admire I think. Newman knows a lot because he on one hand hears all kinds of things in Ralph nickleby’s house (where he works), and on the other hand he hears things from Nicholas(who is a very good friend of his), so he is the person in the book that is the best informed of everyone.

B) What character do I not admire? Why?
Mrs. Wackford Squeers:

Mrs. Squeers is the boss (when her husband’s away for buisness) and ‘mother’ of Dotheboys Hall academy, this is the school Nicholas comes to work at. The boys who go to this school are treated very badly, they hardly get to eat, all the money and little things like letters, that their parents send them, is taken by Mr. and Mrs. Squeers. I don’t admire them because they take money and other things from little children, so they don’t urn their money in an honest way, but they steal! (from little children!) She does not only trat the children bad but also hates the main character Nicholas Nickleby, she doesn’t like him and also doesn’t trust him.

38) What are the biggest problems and are they solved? How?
The biggest problem is that Mr. Niicholas Nickleby and one of the boys (called Smike) from Dotheboys Hall, have ‘escaped’ from Dotheboys Hall, and Mr. Squeers clamed that they stole from him and made him half blind (this part is true, Nicholas scratched his eye out.) Mr. Squeers wants Smike back at his school and he wants Nicholas in jail. The problem is solved. Smike can’t go back to Dotheboys Hall because he dies at a disease at the and of the book, it is really sad, but it solves the problem of him going back to Dotheboys Hall academy. Mr. Squeere gets arrested because of the way he treated the boys and because he stole from them and so Nicholas goes free and doesn’t have to go to jail. Problem solved.

51) A) How does the writer describe different classes?
He describes them by describing how a person looks, the clothes that they wear and the houses they live in. he also writes about the jobs the do and sometimes even writes how much money they make.
Someone who is rich wears beautiful clothes and lives in a big and nice house, while someone who is not rich lives in a small house and doesn’t wear very expensive clothes and off course doesn’t make much money.
There are pictures in the book which show different classes, a rich person is ugly and looks angry while a poor person has an innocent face and(most of the time smiles.

B) Does (s)he express her opinion directly or indirectly?(Is there any comment between the lines e.g.)?
I don’t think he expresses his opinion but I do think that he would like to say something with the story he wrote, there is a moral behind it. I think it is really hard to look for commend between the lines, I have no idea were to look and what to look for.
What the author wants to say with the story is that you should be glad with the family you have, and you should treat them well. They might be able to help you at a later moment in your life when you desperately need help.

57)A) How do some characters deal with the problems ‘’class’’ gives them?
Madeline Bay is the girl Nicholas falls in love with, she and her dad are in real need of money, her father is very sick (dying) and so the have no person in their family who can earn money for them to survive, on top of that owes Mr. Bay a lot of money to Mr. Ralph Nickleby. To get rid off his debts promises Mr. Bay to Mr. Ralph Nickleby that his daughter will marry one of his business partners (Mr. Arthur Gride) if Mr. Ralph Nickleby forgets about the money.
Mr. Ralph Nickleby agrees.
So Madeline is obliged to marry a very much older and unattractive gentleman, because her father is in need of money. On her wedding day her father dies and Nicholas ‘saves’ her from the marriage and at the and of the book marries her himself.
So marriage is a solution for the problem that class gives.

B) How does it influence their personality?
Because Nicholas saves Madeline, that inflorescence her personality, she begins to like him and the rest of his family. His sister becomes her best friend in the world and she starts to fall in love with Nicholas. They are driven apart by some friends of Madeline’s mother. Fortunately they find each other at the end and then they can get married.
Mr. Ralph Nickleby’s personality does not get influenced by this but he gets more angry with Nicholas then he already was, and he tries to take Smike away from Nicholas. This does not work because Smike likes Nicholas and his family too much.

100) What kind of environment do the children live in and what are It’s positive and negative influences?
The environment the children at Dotheboys Hall live in is very bad, they have to sleep on a very cold attic were it drafts. They hardly get any food, just enough to survive, the food they get is very, very little and very, very gross.
Negative influences:
are the family Squeers, they all wear very expensive (and warm) clothes and they are all very fat, so they get to eat enough. The big academy is divided in two parts, one part is the school and in the other part does the family Squeers live, the pars where the Squeers’ live is of course much bigger and much more beautiful and better taken care of then the part where the school is.
Positive influence(s):
Nicholas is a positive influence for the boys because he helps them and treats them nice and stands up for them.

104) what good and bad relationships do the main characters have with other people?
Nicholas has a very good relationship with his mother and sister. There father dies at the begin of the book, that makes there relationship a bit stronger then it already was.
(fragment: In the fragment I’ve chosen are Nicholas and his mother and sister saying goodbye, he is going to work in Yorkshire and his sister and mother stay in London. He cries, I think that shows how much he loves them.)
When a man in a café (Mr. Hawk) offends his sister he fights him and of course he wins. Apart from a few little injuries he is not hurt, Mr. Hawk however is humiliated and badly injured.
Nicholas has a very bad relationship with his uncle, from the moment they met, they couldn’t stand each other. They both hate one an other and would be glad to kill they other if the opportunity may come. This is not necessary for Nicholas for Mr. Ralph Nickleby commits suicide at the and of the book. Mr. Ralph Nickleby never got along to well with Nicholas’ father and I think that Nicholas was very much like his father and that is why Mr. Ralph Nickleby does not like him.


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