Name of the Star door Maureen Johnson

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Boekcover Name of the Star
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Boekcover Name of the Star
Name of the Star door Maureen Johnson
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The Name of the Star – Maureen Johnson


Claire is a night worker in the hospital. Her shift started at 4 a.m. but she was late. It was rather dark in the streets of London but she didn’t worry about that. When she tried to text her colleges, she struggled and her phone felt on the ground. When she was stumbling to take her phone, she felt something weird laying on the ground. It was a body!? As her nurse training told her she tried to feel a heartrate, when she was trying to feel the neck she noticed that the head was barely attached to the body.

The Return of Jack the Ripper

Chapter 1

 Rory lives in Bénouville in Louisiana. Her parents started a sabbatical year on a British school in London and Rory had to finish her degrees over there. But all sudden there were hurricane warnings and the airports closed. They managed to set Rory onto a indirect flight to London. When Rory arrived, people are talking whole the time about the incident last night (see introduction). Rory is going to the school in Wexford not far from East-End, the killing area of Jack.

Chapter 2

Rory arrives and gets a tour around the school. First, Claudia told her about the GCSAs (8-14 of each) to specialize in the next two years and about the A-level exams at the end of the year. Because she was an American she could choose to do them or not. There had also told her she had to choose a sport, she had chosen hockey. After that she told the normal things she had to know like the lessons she had and the schedule, the sports, her new roommate and the bathroom, …

Chapter 3

She gets her uniform and she gets to know people by now for example Clarissa, Andrew, Jerome, Paul, … She tells them a few things about her home town. Charlotte was the first who asked her how she felt here she is someone like a “first friend” in the rather unknown school by now. After dinner she had to choose a bed, or better said where it stood. In her room she was watching the news on BBC One and all of sudden she heard something about the ‘incident’ with Jack the Ripper and she saw it on the television.

Chapter 4

Rory wakes up in her uniform and meets Julliet or better said, Jazza. She will become one of her closest friends on Wexford. Jazza is the new roommate of Rory. Jazza is really stressed because she has her exams right now, these exams are important for your next studies. In the group they are talking about the “new Ripper”. People say that you don’t have to be concerned but some aren’t sure of that. That night Rory dresses the room with Jazza, because the schoolyear just had started.

Chapter 5

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Rory must wake up at 6 a.m. and the school starts moving again. People wake up (fast). Everyone is in a hurry and Rory must dress herself and prepare herself for the start of the day. She isn’t used to such a fast morning rhythm. After her short shower of ten minutes they go down for the breakfast. Rory notices that mornings in the UK are different than in the States. She has 2 spare hours during the school and she goes to her hockey training. All the students are well players, she hasn’t played it before. At the dinner they were talking about angels and an angels voice. Rory had a piece of beef in her throat and she couldn’t breathe anymore. That all caused by the ‘act of the angel voice’.

Chapter 6

 Rory woke up in the nurse’s office (a few rooms in Wexford actually), Charlotte took Rory to her room and Jazza made some tea for her. Rory tells about the angels and uncle Bick (exotic bird shop) and miss Genna (from the grocery store). Jazza says she has a boring life. Rory tries to convince Jazza that the town where she lives is fine. Rory also speaks about a guy from her town with an own religion. After that they spook about Charlotte and her competitive way of thinking.

Chapter 7

Rory started the day with 2h of French, what was quite difficult in Britain. She noticed that her teachers were well educated academics. At the hockey training (in heavy rain) she used her equipment for the first time. She describes it as a bad formed sumo wrestler with all these safety precautions. For a essay she has to find a book, because she couldn’t find it on the Internet she goes to the library (looked like an old bunker with old wood and busty walls) In the library she finds a guy lounging in and reading one of the books. He was sitting there in the dark. Rory tells why she is there and the guy helps her to find the book. The creepy thing is that he knew where the book stood.

Chapter 8

Rory has invented a new way of living in Wexford. A faster and easier way for her to get up and pull her clothes on and do her hair. Jerome the guy from the library is a nice-looking guy for her he has trimmed his curly hair by now and they had Art History classes together. She starts to learn the British culture more and more. And the fact that someone got killed in East End, everyone is talking about Jack the Ripper and his victims. The first kill (8 September 1888). At the end of the class Jerome asks her to go to the crime scene of Jack for a ‘date’.

Chapter 9

Rory talks to her parents on the phone. They say that they are alarmed by the fact that someone got killed near to the school. They say that she better comes to Bristol in the weekends. But Bristol is too far for Rory and she ignores the fact that her parents are alarmed. Rory, Jerome and Jazza went to the flowers and archers (café of Jack the Rippers victims) and they showed the murder place. The weird fact is that there are lots of CCTV cams on the street and no one saw the murder happening. People (Jazza for example) were getting scared of the fact that there was ‘a Ripper’ around. Jazza says that she saw something …

Veronica lives in front of the place where the murder happened a few days ago. She had to give the CCTV recordings to the police but they had noticed a failure. Veronica selves found out that the cameras didn’t failed. She had recorded the murder scene on her own. She saw the woman dying and getting her stomach ripped out. She saw the blood dripping out of her body. The creepy thing is that she doesn’t saw a murder on the recordings!

Chapter 10

The month September was a hell, the Ripper followed the schedule and the next strike was planned on the 30th. The school life changed with check in and out’s. There was planned a night clock so everyone had to stay inside. The 29th the school head changed the rules again and said that after dark everyone had to stay inside. So, the school staff could return home before the dark falls. The tourist influence became bigger that month because everyone came to the Ten Bells (local pub of victims). Everyone was waiting for the double ‘copycat’ murder.

Chapter 11

The night of the murder everyone was staying inside and they had to keep calm according the police. Further the police were telling about the exact locations of the murders in 1888, when all of sudden a message came in of a killed guy in a private parking lot.

Chapter 12

Rory is still on the streets outside and they are heading for the rooftop to meet up with Jerome. On the rooftops everything is quiet and windy. They see a city who lives behind locked doors now, everyone is awake. A few helicopters pass by. The girls return to the school building because they were cold. When Rory lifts Jazza up on a wall a guy passes by and he spook to her. He looked old, bald and in a certain way very familiar. Jazza hasn’t noticed him when Rory asks about it.

Chapter 13

Before the sun rise someone started yelling trough the school building. They had to wake up fast and come downstairs. There they saw a forensic research team. Someone got killed on the school grounds. Her name was Catherine Lord a worker in the local pub dressed as a Victorian girl. The school head is asking for someone who saw something no matter what. Rory went to the library to tell the police officers what she saw and she described the man. The officer seemed really interested in the story and she made a virtual print of the guys face. A sort of robot-picture. 

Chapter 14

We get to know the 4th victim and officers and mostly journalists are interested in the thing that Rory and Jazza saw. They try to cover it because they don’t want the principal to know it. Jazza got asked by a weird looking guy who presumed to be a police officer. They don’t believe it, they think it was a journalist.

Chapter 15

In the night no one could sleep so they talked whole the night, at breakfast everyone was lazy. Rory went to the library and spotted Alistair. Jerome showed a video of the Flowers and Archers on a site on the internet. It was the recording of a murder but there was no killer on the video. It was bad quality because it was night-recorded. Jerome says that there were no recordings and is questioning why this video is on the Internet. James Goode (night news reporter) received a message on his desk, an old brown box. This could be a bomb or something so it was a security breach. In the box there was a paper and a part of a kidney (nier) and in the letter stood that the next attack would be for the 9th of November. The letter was full of bad writing and faults.

Chapter 16

We see James G talking about the letter on the news. Rory and Jazza got asked downstairs and there they got told that they will get a new roommate. That was because Eloise was allergic of many things. In fact, she just smoked a lot.

Chapter 17

Rory and Jazza meet Bhuvana, their new roommate. She likes to call herself Boo and looks a bit wear she has a Indian descent. Brown hair ‘speaking’ eyebrows and large earrings. She likes the hockey course and hates the mathematics like Rory. Jazza has difficulties appreciating her because she is so different than Rory.

Chapter 18

Rory talks with her friends about the weird behavior of Bhuvana. Bhuvana gets to know Alistair and Rory gets a little jealous. Bhuvana is always following Rory and is not doing her best for school. The room is always messy and all her clothes are laying on the ground. She never studies and her notes are full of drawings. Rory discovers that Bhuvana has two cellphones with her. One old one and another who is newer. She says that she doesn’t gives her phone number to people she has just met. She first wants to know that they aren’t creeps or something like that.

Chapter 19

The class has planned to go to the museum on Saturday. Jerome and Boo go with Rory. Jerome flirts with Rory but doesn’t kisses her. Rory sees weird people. People who the rest can’t see and she gets confused. On their return Rory sees Boo talking to the “fake police officer” who is apparently a real officer (because he wears his costume again and drives a London-police car). She started to feel dizzy and Boo, a weird looking woman dressed in clothes form 1940 and the officer helped her.

Chapter 20

Rory goes with the officer and with Boo who works for the police to, too a safe house. There they tell her that she can see ghosts because she had a near dead experience (lunch) and that happened before her 19th birthday. So that means she can see ghosts of people who have already died. That means that she had met the Ripper in person.

Chapter 21

Rory goes back to the school and notices that Alistair is a ghost (died from asthma attack in his sleep) and that ghosts can pick up things and then it looks like they are floating for other people. That is the reason who no one is able to spot the killer on the recordings. Boo tells that ghosts can walk through walls and doors if the door isn’t too thick. If it is a larger one it requires more concentration for the ghost.

Chapter 22

Boo act like nothing had happened and she says that Rory felt ill. Just some period thing. That was meant to be the explanation for her weird behavior the last days (since she knew about the ghosts). Jerome and Rory meet up again and Rory tries to explain why she acted that weird. Jerome starts telling more things about the Ripper because Rory asked him “to feel more confident” with the subject she said. Jerome told her about the 5 (of 4, or 6, …) murders in 1888 in Whitechapel. The fact that they were prostitutes and completely random selected was the fact that made everyone freak out.

Chapter 23

Boo interrupts between Rory and Jerome chatty talk. Boo excuses herself to Rory because Jerome went away. She says that she had to keep an eye on Rory just to be sure. Because they are alone now they go and visit the other “team members” of Boo. Callum, a sporty black guy with a nice and healthy body immediately starts appreciating Rory and they start talking. Stephen gets mad to Boo because she brought Rory back in the apartment. After their conversation they go ‘ghost-spotting’ in the undergrounds, because lots of people have died in and around the underground. They tell Rory that the ghosts are from people who haven’t completely died yet. A part of their body is just still ‘alive’. In the station they meet up with a weird woman who jumped under a train and Rory spoke to her for a while.

Chapter 24

Rory goes to a party and there she sees the Ripper. He asks her outside and Boo follows them. Rory lies to the Ripper and says that she is the only one here that can see ghosts. Because Rory lied to him, the Ripper throws Boo in front of a car and she got hit. One of the Ripperologists gives a press converence with other Ripperologists and at a sudden moment the light goes out and someone starts writing on the blackbord ‘The name of the star is what you fear’. ( the name of the star was a newspaper that still exists and they gave the Ripper his name).

Chapter 25

Stephen picked Rory up at the crime scene of Boo and brought her to the safe-house. There he calmed her down and received the message that Boo was alive but that she had multiple broken bones and that the medical staff would do an X-ray scan first. Callum enters the apartment and Stephen tells the story about the message of the Ripper during the conference of Eakles and what was written in the letter about Rory. That the Ripper would kill the one who hat ‘the sight’ (of seeing dead people) and pull out her eyes. Stephen tells Rory about the existence of ‘Scotland Graveyard’ the influence of MI5 and the scientists in 1882 who started thinking about reincarnation.

Chapter 26

In this chapter Rory is brought back to the school building and the two officers have placed Rory under a complete 24/7 lockdown so she will always be safe. Rory goes to art class after she woke up (too late). The class goes about Jack the Ripper and the paintings of the murders. Rory explains to Jerome that “The name of the star is what you fear” means that they fear Jack the R. because the name of the star gave him that name. Rory goes to Jo (another ghost-friend of Boo) to tell her the news that Boo got hit by a car. Jo tells that she died while saving a girl who got bombed by the Luftwaffe in 1941.

Chapter 27

Rory wakes up early, dresses herself and goes to breakfast. She has no lessons today and meets up with the guys who are there to protect her from all the danger of the outside world. She asked Callum to show her what he exactly does and Callum took Rory to the Tube. There they took a ride to the main office and they got told that the breaking system didn’t worked. Callum went down to the electrical panel and there was a ghost. He always switched of the panel switches because his family and himself died there. Rory had her first ghost-touch experience. She learned about how they ‘kill’ the ghosts. They use a terminus for that covered as a phone. When you press 1 and 9 at the same time there goes electricity through the little diamond who is planted in the phone and the ghost disappears.

Chapter 28

Rory learns about the terminus thing and gets angry about the fact that she ‘killed’ the ghost in the train station. Callum tells about his nearly death experience. He took a shortcut while returning from school through a house what they were going to take down. He hit an electrical wire while saving a kid. But on the CCTV cams there was no kid seen.

Chapter 29

This is the day of the last Ripper murder, Rory woke up early and went to the library. There she talked to Alistair for a while and had a conversation about how dying feels. Jerome saw Rory in the library and took place in front of her. They also talked for a while and kissed. Callum and Stephen where guarding the school building and more police cars came across. Rory was desperately in love with Jerome and they held hands during the morning and lunch. After lunch they had a jarring (ruzie, twist).

Chapter 30

It’s night (the Ripper night). Rory is in the study room for over six hours with other students where under Boo. Rory suddenly starts receiving messages from the Ripper under the name Saucy Jack. The messages say that Rory has to come to the King Willian Street Tube at 4 ‘o clock. That is the place where a failed drug bust took place in 1993. One of the victims (6 dead police officers) was the Ripper. The cellphone numbers where traced down two streets over.

Chapter 31

The name of the Ripper is Alexander Newman. He had a medical degree, was a psychiatrist and was in the force for 3 years. There was no further documentation about the incident in 1993 what was weird because there were 6 officers who died. They could find a name of an officer who was there at that moment and who was on duty now. His name was Sergeant William Maybrick. They were planning to talk to Maybrick to find out more about the situation.

Chapter 32

Stephen (who was driving), Callum and Rory went to the Police Department of London. There they spook to Maybrick who told them that it was a weird situation in 1993. There were 5 officers found near to the same location, unarmed and dead. Newman was found deeper into the building with a Walkman and a gun with him. They realized then that the Walkman was a Terminus, that Newman was one of their group and that he got insane and killed the others and that he wants to kill them now.

In East London, on the last Ripper murder site of Mary Kelly there were lots of people who gathered there and at a sudden point someone started throwing down flyers with the text “The eyes will come to you”. No one could see who was throwing them but they just saw them flying (meaning it was thrown by a ghost). Only one girl saw a woman dressed in WWII uniform throwing the flyers.

Chapter 33

Stephen told Rory in the car that his “boating accident” wasn’t a real accident. He tried to hang himself with a rope. When he was hanging there, he had a bad feeling and he came to mind that he didn’t want to kill himself. Then a student (ghost) entered the room and helped him. It was almost four ‘o clock and time to go. Rory and Stephen approached the building and found a note on the desk inside “Take the lift down a level”.

Chapter 34

Callum, Stephen and Rory are all three in the station. Newman sneaked up in front of Rory and he had a medical bag with him. The threesome who had the sight started walking through the old underground station when the Ripper suddenly disappeared in the darkness. Stephen switched on an emergency light switch and at that moment, Newman injected a syringe of insulin (an overdose).

Newman told that he received the sight when he was 18 and got his motorbike. He was driving to his girlfriend when suddenly, out of nowhere he got hit by a three and fell of his bike. When he woke up on the ground he saw a guy laughing at him and his dad who was there to help him couldn’t see the guy. After Newman left the psychical centrum he started studying medicine and became a psychiatrist. He worked in prison and did experiments on young people who did bad things in their life. They also had the sight and Newman wanted to do more experiments on them. He brought them in a coma with insulin each day and did research after where the sight came from. In which part of the brain it was located. Then he started working for the Shade, an organization with people who all had the sight. One day he got fired and his terminus was taken away. Newman was so pissed off that he could defend himself anymore with a terminus that he walked in the office of the Shade (in 1993) and killed the 5 others.

If Rory and Callum threw their terminus to him (what would make the Ripper unbeatable), he would heal Stephen from his overdose insulin.

Chapter 35

They are all three in the station and they have handed over the terminuses. The Ripper gave Stephen the syringe and he injected it. Rory and the Ripper went out to find the last and third terminus. (the one that Boo has). They arrived at Wexford and Boo handed over her terminus. Newman said that he would let go Rory if she handed it over, but he didn’t he had planned to kill Rory and went to the bathroom with her. There he gave her a slash in the neck and he cut her. Newman said that “The Ripper” was the best person to come back as because everyone feared him. He didn’t even choose is own name, the newspaper ‘The Name of the Star’ gave him that name based on a fake letter. Newman said that he is ‘The Star’ of the story now. Everyone feared him. He wanted to try that Rory would come back as a ghost too if he gave her the terminus and let her press the buttons (like he did when he died). Suddenly Jo entered the room and took the terminus. She pointed it at Newman and pressed the buttons. Then they disappeared both.

Chapter 36

Rory woke up in the hospital with Stephen next to her. She was drugged by medication she was taking and suddenly two agents appeared next to Stephen. One from the Secret Service from the UK and one who represented the US Government. They told Rory that she may not talk to anyone about what she saw, then they left. After a few hours Callum and Boo entered the room and Rory told them the bad news about the two diamonds from the termini who were in the Thames (river) now. The diamond Jo killed the Ripper with was gray and destroyed.

Chapter 37

The parents of Rory have arrived in the hospital and they are acting calmly, but sure enough to take Rory to Bristol when she gets out of the hospital. Jazza and Jerome where there too to visit her and the whole school was closed, lessons were cancelled and the place was full of journalists making their story about the last Ripper-(attempt)murder.

Chapter 38

She returned to the school to pick up her stuff. Claudia took the parents out for a chatty talk and a cup of tea. When Rory was finished packing she went down and looked in the bathroom where the Ripper tried to kill her. She saw a woman standing against the wall. She was around 30 years old and really scared. Rory took her hand to calm her down and then she saw a white light, she fell on the ground and opened her eyes again when she heard her mother talking.


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