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My Sister's Keeper door Jodi Picoult

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Boekcover My Sister's Keeper
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  • 6e klas vwo | 2127 woorden
  • 20 november 2014
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Boekcover My Sister's Keeper
My Sister's Keeper door Jodi Picoult

1.  Basics about the book:


My sister’s keeper


Jodi Picoult


Hodder & Stoughton


(date of first edition):


Number of pages:




Explain the title of the book.

What does it refer to?

Anna is the keeper of Kate, because Kate is staying alive by de donations of Anna and her body. In this case, Anna is Kate’s keeper. But, when Anna dies in a car accident, Kate is always holding a piece of Anna in her, so in that way, Kate is Anna’s keeper.


- fairy tale

- love story         

- thriller                

- biography  

- psychological novel 

- science fiction

- novel of education   

- satire 

- . . . . . . . . .

This book belongs to the genre(s) of :

  • Psychological novel
  • Tragedy

These are the characteristics of the genre(s):

Genre 1

a)        Focus on feelings and emotions

b)        Focus on the psychological background and developments

c)        Events are less important than the character’s development

Genre 2

a)        Deals with serious objects

b)        A number of well-developed characters

c)        Has a dramatic end


Where is the story set?

Is it important to know where it all happens in order to understand the story?

Why (not)? 

Somewhere in Rhode Island. In the hospital, in the Fitzgerald’s home, at the Fire station, at the court.

It’s not really important that the story is set somewhere in Rhode Island, because it could been set everywhere. The specific locations as the hospitals and the court are important.

Time :

When is the story set?

- Is it important to know in which period the story is set to understand what happens in the book?  Why (not)?

- Is the story told in chronological order or are there flashbacks or big intervals in the story ? Explain.

In the present, because there are mobile phones and modern technologies of cancer. This is important, just because of that modern developments about the technologies of cancer.

There are flashbacks, mainly told by Sara Fitzgerald.

2.         Who are the main and secondary characters and explain why.



Anna, Sara, Brian, Jesse, Julia and Campbell. All of these characters are have several chapters in the book. On that way you’ve got information from all of them about their characters, feelings and emotions. From this way they are all main characters.

Secondary characters:

Dr. Chance (Kate’s main doctor)

Julia’s sister Isobel

Friends of Jesse

Judge Desalvo

Campbell’s secretary

Most important: Kate. You would think she is a main character, because the whole story is about her. If she wasn’t sick, the story didn’t exists. But, we don’t get to know her feelings, thinkings and emotions. So, she is a secondary character.


A.        Describe the plot of the story in 10 -12 steps

B.        Indicate the importance of the event by giving a number in the ranking column





Kate gets sick when she is two. Anna is born to save her sister.



Anna goes to mr. Campbell for the first time, she wants the rights of her own body.



Sara is a lawyer by herself and will represent her husband and herself. She thinks Anna only wants attention



There is Julia. Anna is going to live at the firefighters.



Julia finds out Campbell has epilepsy. Julia and Campbell are in love with each other again.



Jesse started many fires. Brain finds out the fires and also the drugs Jesse is using.



Sara feels sorry she didn’t spend enough time with Anna and Jesse. She lives for Kate, but she will always love the other two kids.



Everyone finds out what Anne is doing, when they’re at the court. Anna is doing all this for Kate. Nobody is mad at Anna.



Anna got the rights of her own body, she is medically independent from her parents.



Anna and Campbell got a car accident, Anna dies.



Campbell decides Kate get the kidney of Anna



Kate tells her life story of 8 years of healthiness. Brian solved his alcohol problem, Campbell and Julia got married, Jesse became a firefighter.


    (Use no more than 150 words)

4.         From whose perspective(s) do we get the story?

Explain your answer by referring to the story  (give an example).

The story is told by Anna, Sara, Campbell, Julia, Jesse and Brian. Each in other chapters. Above every chapter you see a name, that is the name of the person who tells that part of the story. In the first chapter, Anna is speaking, she tells you the story from her eyes. The second chapter is Sara’s chapter, and so does everybody have chapters.         

5.         Theme

  1. Choose the 2 most important themes dealt with in the novel.

      (a single word won’t do be specific !)

    No matter what, unconditional love will always exists.

    What to do with really hard ethical dilemma’s

  2. < >< >   how the themes relate to the main characters.

    Here Anna shows you that it’s hard for her to see her mother like that, but she has to keep the promise with Kate.


    People seem to think that we're trying to make a designer baby.' 'Aren't you?' 'We didn't ask for a baby with blue eyes, or one that would grow to be six feet tall, or one that would have an IQ of two hundred. Sure, we asked for specific characteristics--but they're not anything anyone would consider to be model human traits. They're just Kate's traits. We don't want a super baby; we just want to save our daughter's life. (page 102)

    Here Sara shows you her dilemma of making a designer baby or not.

    'Your sister,' I say evenly, 'is incredibly sick. I'm sorry if that interferes with your dentist's appointment or your plan to go buy a pair of cleats. But those don't rate quite as high in the grand scheme of things right now. I'd think that since you're ten, you might be able to grow up enough to realize that the whole world doesn't always revolve around you.' . . . 'Yea, right, she's sick,' he says. 'Why don't you grow up? Why don't you figure out that the world doesn't revolve around her?’

    Here you see the Sara’s dilemma to letting Kate go, to also look on other things in life.


    'Campbell, that's her mother!' 'This week, she's opposing counsel, and if she's prejudicing my client in any way she needs to be ordered not to do so.' 'Your client has a name, and an age, and a world that's falling apart -- the last thing she needs is more instability in her life. have you even bothered to get to know here?' . . . '. . . my job is to protect Anna's legal rights and win the case, and that's exactly what I'm going to do.' 'Of course you are. Not necessarily because it's in Anna's best interests . . .but because it's yours.’ (page 119)

    Here Campbell shows you his dilemma of the choice between Anna and her mother.


    "It seems remarkable that while one of our daughters is leading us into a legal crisis, the other is in the throes of a medical one-but then again, we have known for quite some time that Kate's at the end stages of reanl failure. It is is Anna, this time, who's thrown us for a loop. And yet-like always-you figure it out; you manage to deal with both. The human capacity for burden is like bamboo-far more flexible than you'd ever believe at first glance. (page 196)

    Here you see Brian’s dilemma between losing Kate and loving Anna.

    Unconditional love:

    Sara and Brian:

    'Maybe we should bring Kate home,' Brian says . . . 'I mean now.' He steeples his hands. 'I think she'd want to die in her own bed.' That word, between us, explodes like a grenade. 'She isn't going to-' 'Yes, she is.' He looks at me, his face carved by pain. 'She is dying, Sara. She will die, either tonight or tomorrow or maybe a year from now if we're really lucky. You heard what Dr. Chance said. Arsenic's not a cure. It just postpones what's coming.' My eyes fill up with tears. 'But I love her,' I say, because that is reason enough. 'So do I, Too much to keep doing this.' (page 265)

    Here Sara and Brian show you their love for Kate, they love her so much they don’t want her to have pain anymore.


    'Wait,' Sara interrupts. 'I have something to say . . . You think you can lay it all out in words, black-and-white, as if it's that easy. But you only represent one of my daughters, Mr. Alexander, and only in the courtroom. I represent both of them equally, everywhere, every place. I love both of them equally, everywhere, every place.' 'But you admitted that you've always considered Kate's health, not Anna's, in making these choices,' I point out. 'So how can you claim to love both of them equally? How can you say that you haven't been favoring one child in your decisions?' 'Aren't you asking me to do that very thing?' Sara asks. 'Only this time, to favor the other child?' (page 298)

    Sara shows you here how difficult it is for her, but no matter what, she loves all of her kids.


    '. . . people you love can surprise you every day. That maybe who we are isn't so much about what we do, but rather what we're capable of when we least expect it.' (page 307)

    A beautiful quote from Anna


    'When you care more if someone else lives than you do about yourself . . . is that what love's like?' (page 310)

    This quote is about Kate and her boyfriend, who dies from cancer. But, this quote is also the quote it’s all about, if you’re asking me.

    Campbell and Julia:

    'You don't love someone because they're perfect . . . You love them in spit of the fact that they're not.' (page 384)

    This is about Campbell who got away from Julia because he don’t want her to have a limited life because of his epilepsy.

    'I don't want her to die, but I know she doesn't want to live like this, and I'm the one who can give her what she wants . . .I've always been the one who can give her what she wants.' (page 389)


    'Anna,' Campbell says quietly, 'what made you think that Kate wanted to die?' 'She said she was ready.' (page 391)

    These two quotes are exactly what this book is about. Anna’s love for Kate to sued her parents.


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