The book is about Matilda Wormwood. She an extraordinary girl with very stupid parents who can’t see that their daughter is extraordinary, and they don’t care about their daughter. When she was three, Matilda could read and when her mum went to bingo every afternoon, Matilda went to the library and when she went to school, she had read all the books in the library.
Mr Wormwood is a second hand car dealer and he’s very corrupt. He used the speedometer and he puts saw-dust into the engine.
Every evening the family Wormwood has dinner in front of the television and her father tells her to shut up all the time. Matilda decided to pay her parents back!
The first thing she does is putting superglue on the hat of her father, so he has to cut it of. The second thing she does is a parrot who she makes look like a ghost. The third thing she does is making her dad’s hair blond which was black before.
Matilda was five and a half when she went to school and she came into Miss Honeys Class.
The Headmistress was Miss Trunchbull, a huge women with small arrogant eyes. She didn’t like pigtails so one day, she picked up a girl with pigtails at her pigtails and threw the girl into the sky. Another day, a guy had to eat a whole chocolate cake!
Every Thursday at two o’clock Miss Trunchbull came into the class of Miss Honey. She always wanted a jug of water on her table and Lavender, a friend of Matilda, puts a newt into the water Miss Trunchbull became very angry. Matilda became angry too so she dropped the glass with water with her eyes. That afternoon Matilda went to Miss Honeys house and she tells her about what she had done.
Miss Honey told Matilda why she was living in a poor house and Miss Trunchbull was the awful aunt of Miss Honey and that was why she was living there.
The next days Matilda practiced so she can write something with her eyes.
She wrote the next day on the black board with chalk: Give Jenny (Miss Honey) her house and wages back. It’s me, Magnus (the brother of Miss Trunchbull).


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