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Writer: John Grogan

Publisher: Hodder stoughton

Editions: first edition


What is the genre of the book?

The book Marley and me is a non-fiction, love story and a comedy.


Does the book have a motto?

Yes, the book tells us that you have to get everything out of life and that you should not regret. He used Marley a example for this.




When Jenny and John were married, and they lived in Florida, Jenny wanted a child. Since she was not even holding a plant alive, John was talking to a colleague on this and he advised him to take a dog . To John that was not such a bad idea . He showed Jenny an advertisement for puppies and took her to a breeder . Jenny was overjoyed ! She choose the one that first came to her. And that was Marley.


They got their dog 4 weeks later,  but Jenny was away for her work by plane . Jenny was not there  when John went to pick up their dog . They did not have a name for him . When John was in the car with him he listened to Bob Marley on the radio . He knew it ; his name would be Marley ! John came home and when it was evening , he put Marley in a box in the garage , and went to sleep . The next day John took Jenny away to the airport. Meanwhile, it started to thunder and Jenny was afraid Marley would be totally scared in a corner. She wanted to see him ! When they went home they ran quickly in and went to see Marley . What they saw  was unbelievable , Marley had the whole garage  upside down, even the wallpaper from the walls was scratched , so scared for the storm had he been. At first John and Jenny found it very sad for Marley, and decided that they would not leave again with storms.  But they did not know that this was only the beginning of Marley's mischievous behaviour.




Time passed , and John and Jenny had their first child . Marley did not much improve in his behavior . On the contrary , he threw over rubbish bins, drank from the toilet , etc. Marley was full of energy and even when he was 10 , he ran around as if he was still a puppy . But that did not last long, when he was around 13 , his body began to behave differently than his mind .


He was slower, became deaf, started to deteriorate but his spirit never left. He stayed loyal to his owners . When John and Jenny had three children and their eldest was 10, Marley became ill . The veterinarian said one evening when it went bad with Marley , they would have to say goodbye to him and it was better to put him down. The day after Marley 's death was a sad day. No one dared to speak the word Marley , as if it were some kind of slur out. John was a journalist for a newspaper and sought support in funny stories he wrote about Marley , and he told them at home . So the family moved on and went back to a happy life .



Persons in the story:


Marley:  Marley is a large golden labrador. He is afraid of thunderstorms. He really likes to wreck stuff and play with Jenny and John. Usually he do not listen to Jenny and John. But he really loves them.  He is really energetic.


John: John is a man around 30/40 (is not mentioned exactly in the book) and loves his wife Jenny, his children, and of course his dog Marley. He has blond hair and is tall. He did not really have friends but a few good colleagues. He engages  with Marley and he is trying to educate him, which takes a lot of time. He works as a journalist for a newspaper.


Jenny: Jenny is a woman around 30/40 (is not exactly mentioned in the book) and she loves marley, John and her childern al lot too. She has not many friends but a lovely family and colleagues. She has long blond hair and is of average height. She loves perfection in her life, so initially she finds Marley a troublemaker.


The titel Marley and me means of course Marley en ik. because the book tells about the relationship between Marley and John. In the story Marley wreckt a lot of stuff, not only in the house, but also outside Marley destroyed everything. That makes that the story is really funny. The story ends really sad. Because they have to put Marley down.



We see the whole story through the eyes of John.  The story runs in chronological sequence. Because it tells the story of Marley when he was a puppy until he died. The telling time (vertelde tijd) is longer than the told time                           ( verteltijd). Because the story is about the 13 years of Marley’s life. And those 13 years are spread over 29 chapters. Pressure  is generated by the fact that you know more then the characters themselves. You now that marley has  demolished the garage. But Jenny doesn’t no that.



John Grogan was born on March 20, 1957 and is a successful American writer and journalist, who also wrote the bestselling book of Marley & Me.

John Grogan was born on March 20, 1957 and is a successful American writer and journalist, who also wrote the bestselling book of Marley & Me.

John Grogan lived in Florida and has worked for a long time at the Sun-Sentinel as a reporter and columnist. This job, however, he gave up for the position of editor at a magazine called Garden: Organic Gardening. He then worked as a columnist for the Philadelphia Inquirer, where a collection of his best articles was published, titled Bad Dogs Have More Fun released in 2007. Another book of him, The Longest Trip Home, was released on October 21, 2008.

John Grogan lives with his wife Jenny and his three children, Patrick, Conor and Colleen in Pennsylvania. The most famous book of John Grogan was published in 2005 under the title "Marley & Me". It all started because he wrote in his columns about his life with his dog Marley and subsequently received many positive reactions from his readers. That made him decide to write a book about it.


I chose this book because, I've seen the movie and I found it a very nice and funny movie. therefor I also wanted to read the book.  And Marley is so cute!  But I don’t think i’m going to read another book of John Grogan. I do not think that they are just as funny as this one. But perhaps with the same theme. Because I like books that are funny like this.




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