Luisterboeken: de makkelijke optie? Lars is niet echt een fan van lezen. Daarom gaat hij op zoek naar de beste manieren om door zijn leeslijst heen te komen. Red je het met alleen maar samenvattingen, of is een e-reader of luisterboek een betere optie? Deze video wordt mede mogelijk gemaakt door Storytel.

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Looking for Alaska,

Autor: John Green, looking for Alaska was his debut, his most famous book is the fault in our stars.

Miles Halter is a boring guy who lives in a boring family. His parents are very anxious and they think he has a good life and is fortunately, but he decides to go to a new school, Culver Creek. His parents organised a going-away party but there only came 2 of his friends. His parents were disappointed and felt sad for him, he was happy to leave. His father went to this school in Alabama too.

It was a boarding-school so he had to sleep there too. His room was room number 43. He had to share his  room with Chip but everyone call him the Colonel. The Colonel is the leader of a group, the group has 4 members: the Colonel, Miles Halter (who’s nickname is the Pudge), Alaska Young and Takumi. They do a prank on yearly base. They smoke cigarettes, drink a lot of alcohol,… they do everything what is forbidden in this school. They must be vigilant because ‘the eagle’ is always controlling everything. The eagle is the dean of the school.

The colonel is a small guy, but he is the real leader and he becomes Pudges best friend. He is always looking for better and saver ways to smoke and to drink. Everyone respects him. He grew up in a trailer park with is mother.

Canada Young is a beautiful young lady with black hair. Her boyfriend is a Hunk and his name is Jake, her family was pour to. Everyone loves her but the Pudge is in love with her. Canada chose her own name when she was 6, a few years later her parents died.

We don’t know much about Takumi, he’s an Asian guy. Sometimes it’s like the other members of the group exclude him.

When he came the colonel told him there were 2 groups in this school. The alternative and pour ones, and the rich guys. The Pudge was a rich guy but he may participate in The Colonels group. The 2 groups were real enemies. They were pranking each other the hole time. Kevin the leader of the rich guys kidnapped the Pudge taped him in and threw him in a lake. He was very lucky, he survived. At school everything was okay, he loved religious class, the teacher was a very intelligent old men, his name was Dr. Hyde. He helped him to understand some very important things in life. The Pudge was in love with Canada but he knew he would never make a chance. Canada said that she found a girl who was in love with him, her name was Lara, he lost his virginity when he was drunk and Lara wanted to have sex. It was after their prank, they putted some blue coloured paint in the douche gel of the rich kids. After the prank they slept in a stall nearby the lake, this is the place where it happened. A few days later he kissed Canada, his dream came true, he was very happy. A day later he was calling with her boyfriend when she went hysterically to her car and left. When the Colonel and the Purge woke up they heard the news, she was damaged in an accident. It was an horrible day. No one could believe it, she was dead. The colonel and the Purge felt guilty, they didn’t stop her, she wasn’t capable to drive, but they didn’t knew why. They had a lot of questions, why was she so bad, where did she want to go,… they thought they found the solution, she forgot to go to her mother’s grave. She was driving too fast and she couldn’t avoid the police car. The colonel and the purge tried to find out what happened, they called Jake and they went to a police officer they could told them something but finally Takumi told them the truth. It wasn’t suicide it was an accident. They found a book in her room with the descriptions of the biggest school prank ever, they booked a stripper on speaker day, a very serious day. Everybody was laughing, it was a legendary prank.



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