Iron heads door Susan Gates

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Het Geheim van Pilot Eiland
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Boekcover Iron heads
Iron heads door Susan Gates
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Iron Heads
The first date of publication is 1997.

Susan Gates is the author of this book. She was born in Grimsby in 1950.
Some other titles from Susan Gates:
- The Lock
- Dragline
- Deadline for Danny’s Beach
- African Dreams

In this book the action takes place on Pilot Island and a little bit on the “Mainland”. It’s a small island with a lot of dunes. There’s one Village, but it has no name.

It takes place in the present, because two ‘mainlanders’ have hand computers. The book affects one week. Every event is told in chronological order.

Rachel is the narrator and also the main character.

Rachel is the main character. She is I think of my age (around 14/16). She is not a shy girl, very helpful. She likes cd’s.

Character development:
No character change. Only Rachel says that her brother (Stevie) has changed after they moved to Pilot island. Before, Stevie was very helpless, he had no sense of direction. When he came on Pilot island he even knew his way in the fog. And Rachel can’t find her way in the fog. The rolls have changed.

Its an adventure novel, with an little bit detective in it.

An every property sit’s an drawback.

Explanation of the title:
At the end of the book Rachel and her father found out that the rabbits are compass-heads, Ironheads is almost the same. This word falls also a few times.

Personal opinion:
Liked it but not so much, because it took a long time after the book became exciting. And then it quit very fast.

Rachel, her parents and her brother (Stevie), go to Pilot island, a little island. When her father gets a job on it. He studying rabbits.
Rachel wants that the wind turbine be installed, so that she can listen her cd’s. So she walk round some days. Rachel notices some weird tings, the islanders can go home in the fog, but mainlanders can’t. and also Stevie can.
After a view days she meets Alban, an islander. He have blue lips, self made clothes. One day Rachel takes Alban along to the Mainland to shop, go to the cinema etcetera. But when they arrived the mainland, Alban starts to shake and doing strange. Minstress Lodesman take Alban back to the island. She is the go-between, she can go home. Rackel don’t want that, she had planed this hole day, and she just going to like Alban.
When she comes home her parents ask her to go with her to the mainland. Stevie had to cut his hair. Rachel go’s with them. When they arrived the mainland, Stevie act the same als Alban.
A view days later Rachel wants to speak Alban so she go’s to minstress Lodesman. But she gets lost in the fog. Minstress Lodesman come to safe her, there says minstress Lodesman that she also can’t go home. When Rachel come out of the fog she is very tired and she go’s home. On her way home she meets her dad. He is studying rabbits again. He sows her something. He founds out way the islanders can go home in the fog.


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