I found your diary door Frances Thomas

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Boekcover I found your diary
I found your diary door Frances Thomas
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The intention why the author wrote this book isn’t very clear. In my opinion it is  that she tries to show what can go wrong with a teenage girl and what the attitude of a boy is towards this. Tom Palmer found the thrown-away diary of Hannah and he started to read it because he wanted to find out where she lived so he could give her diary back.
While he was reading he came across things about which he had a different opinion or totally different points of view. For example, how Hannah treated Nat. Tom just couldn’t understand why girls were acting in a different way from boys, and by reading her diary he came to respect their ways more.
With Hannah it went downhill. She fell in love with a teacher who only wanted to have sex with her, but she kept believing that he loved her as well. This could be because of her family who have her less attention when her sister Grace announced that she was going to marry. Hannah wanted love, but she didn’t get it from her family so she tried to get it from her English teacher.

If you are a parent you should always give your children enough attention and give them a chance to have a good talk with you, otherwise bad things can happen.
Plot Summary
When Tom Palmer finds a discarded diary, he doesn’t feel too bad reading it.  He is fascinated. The diarist, Hannah, writes about the attraction she feels for the English teacher at her school. But she also mentions glimpsing a ghostly figure of her own self as a down-and-out. Tom worries about what has happened to her and tries to find her, even if only to give her diary back.
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Main Characters
Tom Palmer is a curious teenage boy and his (girl)friend is Cara. When he started to read the diary he couldn’t stop and had the aim of finding out where Hannah lived and is very absorbed with it. He is a kind and understanding boy and accepts someone else’s beliefs, but he does have an opinion when it is about right or wrong.
Hannah Townsend is a 16 year old girl who really needs attention, if not she does the wrong things but she can’t see that herself. When one of her two sisters (Grace and Ruthie) gets married she gets in a little depression and searches for love and warmth from others, in this case her English teacher who teaches at the Lady Collier’s school in London. It was, of course, also an option to get a boyfriend but she just broke up with Nat because she thought that all boys just wanted to have sex. She could be sometimes quite naïve.
Other Characters
Geoffrey Sinclair teaches English classes at the Lady Collier’s school in London and is having an affair with Hannah Townsend. He is married to Jenny and has two children, but needs a young girl to have sex with. He knows how to manipulate other people very well.
Cara is a very good friend of Tom Palmer and they do have a relationship. She knows Tom very well and realised that something was going on when Tom was reading Hannah’s diary.
Nat is the boyfriend of Hannah and he isn’t very understanding.
The genre is love and also a kind of detective story. Most of the book is about her teacher and Hannah can’t get him out of her head.
Tom is trying to find out who she is and where she lives. It is actually a book with two story lines.
The themes are therefore relationship (love), obsession and detective work.
Hannah represents a very large group of teenage girls who get in trouble like wrong boy friends, drugs alcohol etc.
I haven’t seen nor heard other opinions about this book, but I think that the book is original in the way the story happens/occurs and the sudden stop of the diary. That was the end of one story line, but the story line of Tom searching for Hannah went on. At the real end the they both come together; Tom finds Hannah end everything is fine.


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