Hatchet door Gary Paulsen

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Boekcover Hatchet
Hatchet door Gary Paulsen
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Title: Hatchet

Title explanation: The title is called Hatchet because Brain flow in a plane and the pilot got a heart attack. Brain had to fly the plane on his own, and it crashed. The only thing he had was a Hatchet. He got the hatchet from his mother. That is why the title is called hatchet.

Author: (name and a short biography) The author is Gary Paulsen. He is born on May 17, 1939 in Minneapolis, Minnesota. Gary Paulsen is the author of more than 40 books, 200 magazine articles and short stories, and several plays; primarily for Young Adults. Paulsen's interests in books and reading came when he was a teenager and walked into a library to escape the cold of a Minnesota winter. Once inside, and much to his surprise, the librarian offered him a library card and a book to read (Something About the Author, 1995). Reading helped Paulsen cope with a difficult family situation then and remains a constant in his life today. Gary Paulsen lives now in La Luz, New Mexico, with his wife Ruth, an artist.


Give a short summary of the story: The parents of Brain are divorced. Brain lives by his mother. Only in the summer Brian goes to his father, he lives in Canada. Brian flies in a private airplane to Canada. The pilot doesn’t see much. Suddenly the pilot got a heart attack. The pilot died. The airplane with Brian inside crashed in the middle of the woods from Canada.
Brain is the only survivor of the crash, the plane and the death pilot sunk in the lake.
The only thing Brain had was a hatchet. He got the hatchet from his mother. At the airport in New York, they don’t know where Brain is. Brain has to look for food to survive. By following birds he found berries. But from the berries he got diarrhoea. So he had to find something else, he didn’t find food but he found a cave. In the cave he found a shelter. The berries he found next could Brain eat. But there came a bear to eat that berries, the bear didn’t do anything to Brain. The wounds Brain got from the plane crash healed after a couple of days. Brain found more manners to survive. He got stronger, smaller, browner and eat less then ever before. In the lake he can see himself and the fishes into the water. Brain did also repair the spear so he could catch fish. There flew an airplane over the island, the pilot didn’t see Brain. On one evening there went a tornado over the island. All Brain’s stuff is broken, so he had to repair all the things. The plane came threw the tornado back at the surface of the lake. Brain found the survival rucksack, full of pots and pans, a gun and an Emergency Transmitter. Brain touched a switch, and thinks it is broken. Later there flies an airplane over the island and it lands in the lake. The pilot found Brain, because Brain touched the switch of the Emergency Transmitter. Brain sad: ‘’ Hello, I’m Brain Robeson, would you like something to eat?’’

Select a fragment from the book you liked very much: ‘I’ve had never had anything like this…’ The pilot reached for the switch on his mike cord, his hand coming up in a small arc from his stomach, and he flipped the switch and said, ‘This is flight four six…’ And now a jolt took him like a hammer blow, so forcefully that he seemed to crush back into the seat, and Brain reached for him, could not understands at first what it was, could not know. And then knew. Brain knew. The pilot’s mouth went rigid; he swore and jerked a short of series of slams into the seat, holding his shoulder now. Swore and hissed, ‘Chest!’ oh god, my chest is coming apart. Brain knew now. The pilot was having a heart attack. Brain had been in the shopping mall with his mother when a man in front op Paisley’s store had suffered a heart attack. He had gone down and screamed about his chest. An old man. Much older than the pilot. Brain knew. The pilot was having a heart attack and even as the knowledge came to Brain he saw the pilot slam into the seat one more time, one more awful time he slammed back into the seat and his right leg jerked, pulling the plane to the side in a sudden twist and his head fell forward and spit came.

I liked this fragment because, When you read the beginning. The pilot doesn’t say anything. But then Brain smells a terrible fragrance, but you still don’t know what is going to happen. The only thing you know right at that moment is that the pilot has a stomach ache. How further you read how better you comes to know that the pilot has more than just a stomach ache. But still you don’t know what he really has. And then when Brain knows what the pilot really has, Is it just more exciting. And that is why I liked that part of the book that much. Because you want to know what happened to the pilot you will read further and further.

Name favourite character:
Brain Robinson, The parents of Brain are divorced and he lives by his mother. Only in summer he goes to his father, who lives in Canada.
* He is a very smart boy. You know that because he has read a lot of books and he can remember them clearly.
* When there is a problem he can panic a lot, but then after a while he is very calm.
I like Brain very much because he knows exactly how he must solve each problem. Because he is alone in the woods of Canada is it very separately that he can survive in the bush. By tasting and trying all kind of food
(Bays, notes etc.) He knows exactly what to eat and what not.

Name least favourite character:
There aren’t any least favourite characters.
Because in the beginning of the book you read only that the mother of Brain him to the airport drives in New York.
Further is there a pilot. But the pilot dies already in the begin of the book. So you doesn’t know what the pilot looks a like.


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