Hatchet door Gary Paulsen

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Boekcover Hatchet
Hatchet door Gary Paulsen
Help nu jouw favoriete goede doel door jouw mening te geven!

Hoe? Heel simpel. Geef je op voor het panel van Young Impact en geef jouw mening over diverse onderwerpen zoals gelijke kansen, diversiteit of het klimaat. Voor iedere ingevulde vragenlijst (+/- 1 per maand) ontvang je een bedrag dat je direct mag doneren aan een goed doel naar keuze. Goed doen was nog nooit zo easy!

Meld je aan!
Wanneer je het boek gelezen hebt, of de film gezien hebt.
I have read the book during the English lessons.

Hoe lang je er over gedaan hebt
I don’t know how long I have don to read this book but it was roughly 20 till 30 hours

Waar het verhaal zich afspeelt.
The story is set in a island whit a lake were the plane in crashed

Wanneer het verhaal zich afspeelt.
There was not a special time declared but it was in the summer because brain was on his way to his father where he lived in the summer

Wie de belangrijkste persoon in het verhaal was en waarom.

The main character was Brain, he was on the plane when it crashed in the lake he survived it and lived for 2 months on the island on his one. He build a shelter and find some food to eat. So he kept in live.

Wat de belangrijkste gebeurtenissen in het verhaal waren en waarom.
The in portents happenings are that the pilot of the plane had a heart attack an died so that brain has to flight the plane. He make a emergency landing in a lake on a island. He kept his self in live for 2 months. until there was a tornado who has destroy every thing ,and has the plane help the plane came up from the bottom of the river. In the plane he find a survival kit whit a emergency transmitter. A other plane saw the plane and the help transmitter and land in the lake. To rescue brain. This where the most important happenings because this told the hole story of brain in large line.

Of je het leuk of interessant vond om te lezen .
Yes it was interesting because I like story were a boy a someone else have to survived on his one on al uninhabited island.

Welk stukje je het leukst/ mooist / spannendst/ vond.
I like the part whit the tornado because it gave the book a unexpectedly turning-point. That the plane came up from the bottom of the lake and that he will be saved

Of je iemand anders zou aanraden om het boek te lezen.
Yes I will recommend this book to some one else if he/she likes a book about a survive journey.

Brian Robeson is a 13-years old boy, who is at an airplane on the way to his father.

His parents are divorced. His father works at the oilfields in Canada. The pilot of the airplane says not much.
Than the pilot got a heart attack, and die. Brian tried to call for help with the radio, but this didn’t work. He takes the headphone and the microphone of the pilot’s head and tells that he is alone in an airplane and that the pilot died.
Someone hears him but the radio falls out. Brian flights continue with the plane.
As the pilot was still alive he told him how easy it is to fly.
Then he sees that there isn’t more petrol. He decided to make an emergency landing in a lake. He escapes from the airplane and swim ashore. He falls asleep and after a many of hours he wakes up. He lies down near the lake. Millions of mosquitoes attacked him. Then he falls asleep again and when he wakes up he is very thirsty. He drinks of the lake, but he doesn’t know of the water drinkable is. The only thing he has to survive is a hatchet.
He got it from his mother as he left. Then he tries to find some food.
He followed some birds and saw that they were eating berries. He eats so much as he can and went back to his shelter.
At night, he woke up. He has a stomach-ache, the berries weren’t edible. He was ill.
Next day he found a cave. He made that cave to a good shelter. Then he found some edible food. Strawberries. When he picked some strawberries, there was a beer. The beer didn’t hurt him.
That night a hedgehog pricks him. In his reaction he throws his hatchet to the hedgehog, but it mist. Then he saw the sparks who come from the hatchet. That night he has a dream about his father who told him to make a fire with his hatchet. He makes the fire with small twigs, grass, a twenty-dollar bill and all other kind of flammable things. He swings the hatchet at the rock and makes fire with the sparks who falls in the flammable things.
The fire backed off all the mosquitoes. The fire is now his best friend.
At one day he found a turtle nest. He eats some eggs. He kept some other eggs keep he in his shelter. When he looks in the water he saw a lot of little fishes.
He makes a spear to land a fish.
In the distance he hearted a plane. He runs to the rock and tried to light a fire.
The plane didn’t see him. Now he is alone and sorrowful.
He is now 47 days the ‘new’ Brian. He named himself the new Brian because the ‘old’ Brian died. In the time the plane didn’t see him when it passed by.
Brian made a lot of mistakes.
One of them is that he must consider with the incident in the water. As he came with his foot in a groove of the rock.
Brian made a bow to catch fool birds. A few hours later he catches his first bird. He named it: ‘First Meat’.
After that there follows more ‘First Days’.
For example his ‘First Arrow Day’. At that day he made an arrow for catching animals. He had also a first Rabbit Day’. At that day he catches his first rabbit.
Than he thought, there is only one thing important in the nature, which is food.
At one day he was attached by a cow, without reason. He bruised his ribs. That night he hearted the wind. It was a tornado.
Next day he saw that everything what he created was destroyed. He had to rebuild his shelter,
a new fire, find new food, make new weapons. He had to work slowly because his ribs hurt. When he did this he saw the plane in the lake. It had coming out of the lake and was now at the surface of the water, with help of the tornado.
The next day he swimmed with his hatchet to the plane. As he arrived at the plane he saw that there was no opening. He slammed his fist against the body of the plane and to his complete surprise the aluminium covering broke easily under his blow. He hit it again with his hatchet to make a larger opening... The hatchet fall out of his hand into the water.
He has to dive to the hatchet back, it course a lot of trouble.
He went into the plane and saw the pilot.
He couldn’t recognise the pilot’s head anymore, because the fishes eaten the skin of the pilot’s head.
Then he found the survival pack. He swims ashore and began to dig in the pack.
In the pack there was a sleeping bag, an aluminium cooking set with four little pots and two frying pans, a knife and a spoon, a compass, a first-aid kit with bandages and tubes of antiseptic paste and small par of scissors, a cap, 2 lighters, a fishing kit and a .22 survival rifle with fifty shells. He fired some shells. In the survival pack he founds an Emergency Transmitter to. He turns it on. Although he believed that it was probably ruined in the crash.
And finally he found some food.
He couldn’t believe it. It seems that the transmitter worked, he hearted a plane that lands in the lake. The pilot came to him and couldn’t believe that he survived after 2 month on his one.


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