Double trouble door Fiona Kelly

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Boekcover Double trouble
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  • 1 december 2000
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Boekcover Double trouble
Double trouble door Fiona Kelly
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Meer informatie
Double Trouble
Michael Coleman
The story happens in the nineties and the biggest part is playing in the hotel. MAIN CHARACTERS DESCRIPTION
Mitch is an american boy who works in the Mayfair Penta hotel for his Hotel and Catering Studies course. He is a normal boy, but he seems to look like a famous rockstar, named Johnny Power. He starts to behave like Johnny Power to make impression. Beth is his girlfriend, who works at the reception of the same hotel. She tries to save Mitch when he´s in trouble. EXPLAIN TITLE
The title also has a double explanation. ? Mitch is a look–alike (double) of Johnny Power. ? Mitch gets into double trouble, he is kidnapped to teach him a lesson

and he is almost killed by a hired killer. OPINION
I liked the book. It was easy to read and it had a very very very unexpected ending. SUMMERY
The story is about an american boy named Mitch who works in the Mayfair Penta in London for his study. He finds out that he looks like Johnny Power, a famous rockstar. He thinks it´s funny and he starts to dress and to behave like Johnny Power. Beth, a girl who works at the reception of the hotel is his girlfriend. They´re aften going out together. One day Mitch is kidnapped by two men and a woman, Peet, Tony and Carol and he is held prison in one of the hotelrooms. A man gave Beth an evelop and told her to bring it to the Balmoral Suite where Johnny Power stayed. It was a ransom letter. It was saying that they had to pay 15.000 pounds and not call the police if they wanted J.P. back. J.P. said it had to be a joke, because he wasn´t kidnapped and that the probably kidnapped a guy who looked like him. Mitch couldn´t tell the kidnappers that he wasn´t J.P. because he had a tape over his mouth and when they removed the tape, they wouldn´t believe him. In the meantime Beth was looking for Mitch. She borrowed the masterkey and went to Mitch´s room and saw that he must be wearing his J.P. clothes. She went down again and was very worried. She met Chuck Lucas one of the bodygards of J.P. and told him the whole story. A hired killer entered the hotel and took the elevator to the 11th floor. Beth and Chuck made a plan to save Mitch. Beth remembered that the ransomnote was written on hotelpaper and that the man who gave it to her took the elevator to the 11th floor. Mitch had to be there somewhere. She printed a list of all the rooms on the 11th floor which were empty, there were 4 of them. Beth found out that Mitch was in room 1149. Mitch tried to escape, but it didn´t work. When Beth knocked on room 1149 she was pushed inside and saw that J.P. was one of the kidnappers, so Mitch wasn´t kidnapped by mistake. J.P. wanted to teach Mitch a lesson not to be J.P. anymore. Mitch was very relieved. They all went to J.P´s room to have a drink. Suddenly the hired killer appeared and wanted to shoot J.P., but he was confused which one was the real J.P. and he shot Mitch. Mitch was in the hospital and J.P. came to visit him. He told Mitch that the hired killer was hired by a record compagny he worked with before he got succes. He came to say goodbye, because he was going back to the States. He asked Mitch if he wanted to be his double, but Mitch never wanted to be J.P. again.


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