Bully door Yvonne Coppard

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Boekcover Bully
Bully door Yvonne Coppard
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Title : Bully
Author: Yvonne Coppard

My book has 117 pages.

The title is Bully and it means someone who is pestering people all the time. In Dutch it is the same as “bullebak, donderaar, vechtersbaas, pesten, tiranniseren.”
On the front of the book you see a picture with two boys and a girl. The title means that the book goes over bullying at school.
Place of the story and when…
The story runs in different places, at school, outside and at Kerry’s house.

The story takes place at this time.

Kerry and her mother have a car accident. Because Kerry her leg get stuck she will not be able to go toe the Junior Olympics for gymnastics. The family moves to another place so that Kerry will be able to start a new life away from her gym friends.

At her new school she gets bullied by Billy Taggart, Wayne Shaw and Fats Witkins. She feels humiliated, because they keep calling her ‘Kerry Cripple’ and ‘Spas’ because of her leg.
Especially, when one day they take her bag and start to play Malcolm in the Middle with it, with Kerry in the middle. The bag falls in dog shit.
After an emotional discussion at home Kerry takes a plastic bag to school the next day.

That day, Miss Jones asks Kerry to stay seated after the lessons and talks to Kerry. She asks if she’s all right, and if she would like to participate in one of the out-of-school activities. When Miss Jones tells her it could be a good idea to coach the school gymnastics team, Kerry’s attention is drawn... Miss Jones knows what Kerry used to be. Kerry says she will think about it.

Once at home, Kerry goes upstairs, she gets her old stuff from the time before the car accident. She finds a newspaper with an article of Kerry winning a Junior Championship. When she goes through the pages, she finds an article about a man who had been put in prison. This man seems to be Billy Taggart’s father. Billy himself always says his father works at the oil rigs in Scotland.

When Kerry goes to school the next day, she talks to with Billy, who is shocked when he finds out what Kerry knows. He agrees with Kerry not to tell his secret to anybody. Because Kerry isn’t being bullied anymore she gets happier and happier and becomes friends with June.

For a long time things keep going on well for Kerry…

After a while Kerry and June have a quarrel, because June doesn’t understand why Kerry treats Billy Taggart horrible.
Kerry wants to give June an explanation, but not in the classroom. She asks June to come over. Then she tells June everything of her passed and the accident.

In the meantime Wayne doesn’t understand why Billy stopped bullying Kerry.
He tries to scare off Kerry by stalking her. Things get worse when Billy seems to have been disappeared.

One day when she arrived at school, Billy is still not here. Kerry doesn’t understand why Billy is not there and gets frightened. Wayne scares her off.

That day, Mrs. Tyson, the gym teacher, tells her she can use the gym to train. Then she could think about coaching the school team. She tries a few times. Her leg doesn’t really cooperate, but after a few times, it starts going well. Suddenly, Wayne comes in. Kerry is still lying on the floor, because she fell down, and Wayne stands over her so she couldn’t stand up. He starts treating her badly, by pulling her hair and hitting her in the face, when Mrs. Tyson comes in. Mrs. Tyson is disappointed in both Kerry and Wayne and Kerry gets so frustrated that she hits the mirror in the changing room with a baseball bed.

Kerry is so afraid of Wayne that she starts looking for Billy.
In one of the school halls, she sees an open office with school documents. She searches for Billy’s file. She finds out that Billy has left school for some reason.
Then she takes the bus to Billy’s house. When Kerry finds Billy’s house, Billy opens the door.
Billy makes up that Kerry has found one of Billy’s books and she is coming to return it. When Kerry comes in and sees Billy’s mother, she notices that his mother is very ill. Billy takes her outside and tells her his complete story. That his mother has cancer, and that she’s on the border of life and death. And he also tells about his father, that he is in prison indeed, and that his mother doesn’t want anyone to know. That was the only reason Billy had agreed with Kerry.

He also tells her why it was she he bullied. He hates wealthy people, because his life is so poor. Kerry finds that a stupid reason and tells about Wayne. He advises her to stand up against Wayne, but he won’t come back.

On her way home, she sees June and June ask her where she has been. Kerry tells her everything.
June tells her that Mrs. Jones called to her parents because she found out Kerry wasn’t at school. She tells Kerry that the teachers think that it was Wayne who broke the mirror. Although Kerry is confused she is also very happy. At home she tells her the whole story.

When she’s in her room, she sees Wayne outside in the park. In her anger she goes after Wayne and grabs him. She pulls him to the floor and bangs his head against the ground a few times. The path is full of gravel and it only makes the wound in Wayne’s head worse. In the end, her father pulls Kerry away and tells her to go home.
Kerry’s father offers to take Wayne to the hospital.
Kerry walks home enjoying this moment.

Kerry is a girl, when she’s got something on her mind, she’ll do it.
She’s very lonely.

June is a school friend of Kerry. She knows all the problems and secrets of Kerry and she wants to help Kerry.

Kerry’s mother
Kerry’s mother is the one who drives the car. She’s stopped with working for Kerry. She thinks it’s her fold that Kerry can’t use her leg very well.

Billy Taggart
Billy Taggart is the head of the “bully gang”. He lives with his sick mom. His father is in prison. No one knows that. His brother is in army.

Wayne Shaw
Wayne is the best friend of Billy Taggart. When Billy stopped with bullying Kerry he starts again.

Question 9; Chapters
This book is divided into 10 chapters.

Question 10; View
The view of the main character, Kerry is presented.

Question 11; One scene that entertained me
I really liked the scene at the end of the book.
Kerry got a feeling of anger and ran outside. She got into a fight with Wayne. You don’t expect that behavior of a “good” girl like Kerry. I think it was really cool.

Question 12; Did I like the story?
Yes, I really liked the story. I’ve never read a book in English with so many pages. In the beginning I thought: “I’ll never finish this book”. But I have finished it.
The story really enjoyed me, because it was not a boring story. And I can imagine how Kerry was feeling.


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Cool ! Dit heeft me enorm geholpen bij het maken van m'n boekbespreking engels. Natuurlijk heb ik het niet gekopieerd!
Heeft wel geholpen .
Maar ben ik de enige die het boek saai vond ?

9 jaar geleden

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