An alien at St. Wilfred's door Adrian Plass

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Boekcover An alien at St. Wilfred's
An alien at St. Wilfred's door Adrian Plass
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Name of the author: Adrian Plass
Year of publication: 1992

It is a novel, but a very special one. The writer does not want to just entertain us. He wants to let us think about our live; are we real Christians? What if an alien entered my place?

Nunc is the main character. He is an alien. He can not say where he is from. He is a little white person. He is very wise, but sometimes he is like a child. He is pure. He is…an angel.
David Persimmon is the vicar of St. Wilfred´s. He is not very happy and he has bad tempers.

Hartley Sutton is not so smart. He is not able to do anything but the simplest kinds of work.
Richard Craven is the only friend of David. He has a hard sense of humour. He is a writer of science-fiction books.
Dot Jenkins is more than 80 years. She is very honest.

Of course I should like to be Nunc or to have a friend as Nunc. The other persons have things I like and dislike. I like Richard Cravens´ sense of humour. So I think I like him the most.

What year the story takes place, does not matter. But it could be today; this novel is written in ± 1990.
The story begins on a Thursday evening in November and it ends four Thursday evenings later, when Nunc disappears.

St. Wilfred´s is in Fernley Cross. The church is the so-called 'place to be', because that is the house of Nunc.

I really, really liked this book.
The most touching passage for me was when Dot wants to be encouraged, Nunc asks to courage him. And by being a friend for him she notices that she is encouraged too.

It is a good book to read. It is not difficult to read, but sometimes you do not understand the many jokes. I think that most boys think it is a soft book, but it is so moving. Yes, I would advise others to read this book as well.

David meets an alien, Nunc. He may choose three other persons who are allowed to see Nunc: Harley, Richard and Dot. David calls them his friends. Every Thursday evening they meet in the church. All of them write a chapter where they tell their personal experience with Nunc and what happened that evening. Hartley thinks that he has no worth and Nunc tells him he is the most important person of the church, until he thinks so. Richard has problems with ´the church´ and why his sister died. Nunc leads him to the altar to speak to God, finally. Dot is not sure of her husband; did he really believe? Nunc shows her a sort of a dream where she sees that it is all right. David has problems with his character and especially with the organist. Nunc helps him, shows him the right way. They do not know where Nunc is from and where he is going, but in the end they know that they met an angel.


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