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Joan Lingard – Across the barricades


This book is about a girl named Sadie and a guy named Kevin. After a long time Sadie and Kevin meet again, they haven't seen each other for 3 years. They talk about the last few years, and their family. They make an appointment to go on the top of Cave Hill. On their way to the bus they see Linda. Linda is very curious about Kevin and when she goes home she tells her mum about him. But Sadie and Kevin don’t mind that. Sadie’s mother is worried about Sadie, because she doesn't come home for dinner. When Linda goes to the house of the Sadie’s family she tells that she saw Sadie with a Catholic boy, Kevin. Her parents are very worried about their daughter going out with Kevin. Also Kevin’s mother is worried because Kevin isn’t home yet.

After Sadie and Kevin had been on Cave Hill, Sadie and Kevin go to a café. Sadie sees two girls who she recognises, they worked in the same store. First, they say that Kevin is handsome. But when they heard that he's Catholic, they leave at once. Sadie feels bad about this and she has a disagreement with Kevin about their religions. Kevin decides to take her home.

When Sadie comes home, she gets a lecture from her dad and mum, but she doesn’t care.

Kevin gets the same response when he gets home: his sister Brede asks him where he’s been. He tells the truth, but Brede doesn’t like it.

In the morning, when Kevin’s going to work, he sees an old friend named Brian. Brian says he has to talk to him. When Kevin comes home after work, Brian is waiting for him. After dinner, Kevin follows Brian to his house. Brian shows Kevin a box of ammunition and Kevin is shocked. Brain asks him to join his group. Kevin won’t and he leaves the house.

The next weekend Sadie and Kevin went to Bangor. They had a picnic and after that they went to a café. Then they went to the beach and talked about their lives. First it was just a normal conversation, but after a while it became an argument. It was getting late and they hurried to the bus. But they were too late and the last bus has already left. So they tried to get a lift and they get one from Kevin’s Uncle Albert. But on the way the car breaks down and they have to walk further. Then they see three men approaching them. The three men want to fight with Kevin, because he went out with Sadie. When two other men approach, Kevin runs to his house.

The next day, he meets Sadie again. When they go home, Kevin is whistling. But when Kevin has brought Sadie to her house, he walked trough an alley and got beaten up by a group men.

The next day Kevin’s sister Brede goes to Sadie to talk to her about her relationship with Kevin. Brede tells Sadie that it’s better if she doesn’t meet Kevin again. Sadie doesn’t know what to do now.

A few days later a Protestant shop was set on fire. The owners blame Kevin and his criminal friend Brian. Kevin has nothing to do with it and he gets a fight with Brian. One day later, somebody has written ‘a traitor lives here’ on the wall.

When Kevin and Sadie drive around Belfast the next day, there is an accident happened. The police don’t think it’s an accident but a set-up by Catholics. And Kevin gets the blame again. Kevin and Sadie have an argument and they decide that this can’t continue any longer and when a good friend of Sadie’s family has been killed by Catholics, Kevin decides to leave Belfast as soon as possible.

It hurts Kevin to leave his family and Sadie behind, but when he arrives at the ship he sees that Sadie is there too. She has decided to go with him.


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