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Antarctica is an extremely endangered ecosystem. It is in a lot of danger. Due to rising temperature and global warming, the ice is slowly melting. Global warming is due to too much carbon dioxide in the atmosphere, which traps heat and warms up the planet. There is too much carbon dioxide because of the burning of fossil fuels, and deforestation. Due to this, the ice on Antarctica is melting, and this has a lot of awful consequences. If all the ice in Antarctica would meld, the ocean would rise by 60 meters, so a lot of island and parts of countries would flood, including the Netherlands. This would be a complete disaster but fortunately, some things have been done against this catastrophe waiting to happen, and more things can be done.

 First of all, what has been done against the melting ice in Antarctica. The most that we have done as a society, is probably propaganda. There has been a lot of classes and advertisement with the information that we have learned about the dangers of Antarctica melting. Some people have acted upon this propaganda. A proportion of people now have solar panels on their roofs, people are separation their trash and going to work more by train, bus or bike. This is excellent, but it is not enough, there are some many more things that could be done to prevent this devastation.

 Lastly, what can we do more to prevent global warming and thereby the melting of the ice caps in Antarctica? One solution is for the government to invest in people to isolate building better. This could help because building alone contributes to one-third of all greenhouse gas emissions. If the government gives out a subsidy to people wanting to isolate their building, more people will isolate their building. This could really help to keep the heat of the building in the building, which would lower the energy use to keep the building warm, and therefore lower greenhouse gas emissions. Another thing that could be done is going to work with public transportation, bike or carpooling. This is not only cheaper and better for your health It also reduces greenhouse gases, which therefore reduces global warming. Besides that, you could also take shorter or colder showers. The water needs a lot of energy to heat up, if this energy is saved, it does not only reduce global warming, it is also way cheaper, since energy costs a lot of money.

 To conclude, Antarctica is in great danger, Antarctica’s ice caps could meld and that would mean entire islands and countries would be flooded. There has been a lot of propaganda about the dangers of global warming, and there have been done some things against global warming, but we could do more. We could take shorter showers, isolate buildings and we could go to work with public transportation, bike or we could carpool. It is important to save Antarctica, and thereby, save the entire planet.


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