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Professional Soccer players make too much money

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  • 9 februari 2005
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Professional Soccer players make too much money
Which boy does not dream about becoming a professional soccer player? When they can play in a big club, they are really motivated. However after a few years, money is more important than the game.
A professional soccer player like David Beckham has a wage of seven million euro in a year. Patrick Kluivert got six million euro from the Spanish FC Barcelona. The Dutch player Rafael van der Vaart got 2,4 million euro from Ajax. I think that is a lot of money. Therefore I think that professional soccer players make too much money.
Soccer is a game, that a lot of people play for fun. It is a hobby. Professional soccer players did it for fun too, but they made it their job. They are not supposed to play soccer for the money. The salary is getting more important for the players. However the game is more important than the money they get for playing this game. Sometimes a soccer player leaves a club, because he thinks he makes not enough money.

When a soccer player gets older, he gets fired most of the time, because he is too old to play the game. He is not fast enough anymore. The reason they get a high salary when they are playing at a club, is that they can save it for later if they are old. Most of the times the younger soccer players spend their money to buy a big house or lots of cars. I do not think that is saving money for when you do not play soccer anymore. It is true that a part of the salary of the soccer players go to a fund, the CFK-fund. A soccer player does not have to pay tax over the money in the CFK-fund. That is not fair for other people. They do have to pay tax, while they are working hard to get it. A soccer player does something that he enjoys, something that was his hobby.
A lot of soccer players do other things to make money as well. For example David Beckham, he does a few commercials and has his own perfume. He makes another seventeen million euros with that. With his salary for a year, he gets 24 million euro in a year. If he plays soccer for fun and does a lot of other stuff, where he makes more money, his salary could be lowered. Maybe he will have a salary of three million euro, instead of seven million. He still get 20 million, because he does other stuff.
I think soccer players make heaps of money. However they can live of less money than they earn now. The salary of soccer player could be lowered. Soccer players do not save the money for later, earn a lot more, because of sidelines and it is for fun and not for the money.
It is not good for the competitions either. Soccer players got arrogant, because they got so much money. So I agree with the theorem: professional soccer players earn to much.


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