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Will students profit from making homework at school?

‘Homework, sucks!’

Almost every student complains about not having enough spare time, because they always have to do homework for school. They don’t have any time to do things they like, which leads to not making the homework at all. Isn’t it better to do all the homework at school, so the complaining would be less and the students have more spare time?

The most important reason for making homework at school is that the students will have more spare time. Also, if homework would be made at school, the results will be better, and then the teachers and parents will know for sure that their students/children are doing their homework. Furthermore, the students will not have detention and they can ask teachers for help when they do their homework at school.

However, there is a possibility that the students will lose focus when they do their homework in a room with a lot of other students. They also will be making more hours at school, which can lead to losing their job.

Concluding, and taking all the above into consideration, doing homework at school will give the students more spare time and teachers or parents don’t have to worry that their students or children won’t do their homework. When this will be done in more schools, we can change the name homework into schoolwork!

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