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Cosmetic surgery

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Meer informatie
Cosmetic Surgery
Effective or not?
Cosmetic surgery is a part of plastic surgery. The difference is, that by plastic surgery they transpose, correct or repair weave from certain organs to reprove shape or function. With cosmetic surgery they treat patients who are psychical or social heavily loaded by abnormitys from the body. In this case the patient could be discontent about the shape of the nose or breasts. There are many pros and cons about the effect of cosmetic surgery. I would like to highlight a number of the arguments used by different sides. Firstly, when sombody is discontented about a part of the body, they could have a cosmetic treatment. When a woman is discontented about her breasts and therefor be ashamed of it. She can even lose her selfconfidence about it. In this case you can speake ofa psychical problem. By means of a cosmetic treatment, they change the breasts in the wished form. Through here the patient feels happy again with her body and can go on with here life full of self confidence. Secondly, cosmetic surgery could / can be a solution in case of a physical problem. It frequently occurs that a part of the body can be incriminating for the body by certain shape or size. There are women who have corporally complains because they have huges breasts. They have back troubles due to the weight of the breast. To apply reduction of the breasts, the back troubles disappear. On the other hand, by cosmetic surgery they cut into a healthy body. It doesn‘t matter how small the operation is, there is always a chance that something goes wrong. By one surgery in every five, the patient has to recover from damage he experienced. Also are the consequences from the cosmetic surgery not small. Scabs from dead skin cells, bruises and a bumptious or burning feeling. This is nothing compairing the period of recovering with drains or an admission at the intensive care. Unintended results like infections, ugly scars, damage from the nerves and bleedings. Thirdly, there are people who don‘t think about the long term consequences.For instance, you have to replace Siliconesimplants within 15 years. This means a second surgery. Another example is the facelift.The only thing that a facelift does, is making you younger for five years. They turn back the time. After the surgery the time and years go on and the wrinkles come back. To sum up, it‘s a big advantage that the medical technology ha come so far, that you can change your body to your wishes. Also is this method extremely capable to solve physical complains. On the other hand, there are a lot of things to improve cosmetic surgery. The risks, complications and consequences are not small and you have to think about it very seriously. To conclude, when you can say it‘s a phycical problem, than cosmetic surgery is effective. You talk about medical necessity you correct complains about the body, or repair scars from a surgery. In case of a psychical problem, I dont think it‘s effective. Most of the time it isin‘t really neccesary, because some people are looking good, but they don‘t see it. They must trow away the thought about the ideal image of the West!




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