Chasing Beauty

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Chasing Beauty

Beauty; according to some men a woman’s only concern. Of course this is not entirely true, and it’s not safe to say anything like that these days. But face it, looks are becoming more and more important nowadays, and not just for women.

Even in the world of politics, it’s hardly more than a game; who has the looks and the charisma to get the people crazy enough to vote for an inexperienced party. Plastic surgery is no longer uncommon, breasts can’t be large enough and the loss of a man’s hair should definitely be hidden.

Worst of all is the ever growing desire for having the ‘perfect’ weight. And weight is not considered perfect if you can’t see a person’s ribs through the skin. Young girls torture themselves with awful diets to achieve this weight. And then there is the problem of Body Dysmorphic Disorder (BBD). It’s quite obvious this problem is caused by the horrible urge to be beautiful, and of course the examples set by idols like Christina Aguilera and Brittney Spears.

Thank god there are some left that do believe this chasing of beauty is just a circus. One of them is Sharleen Jonasson. With her novel, ‘It’s My Body And I’ll Cry If I Want To’, the way she thinks about women trying to hide the effects of aging becomes quite clear. If more people would think about it the way she does, then perhaps mankind wouldn’t be a slave to beauty, as it is now.


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