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Advice= if someone tells you what to do in a situation, he gives you advice.

Agony aunt= an aunt who’s very afraid for things.

Art gallery= a place where art is.

Adventure= exciting experience.

Bar= place where you can buy drinks and food.

Blind= if you can’t see things.

Brave= if you do things, what very scary is.

Can= if you can something, you do it at a moment what you want.

Casual= free time, time for yourself.

Cheers!= if you do something very good, you have a glass of wine and then you say Cheers!

Chewing gum= bubble gum.

Club= a lot of people who do the same things, like a sport or whatever.

Comfortable= if it’s warm and a lot of nice things, it’s comfortable.

Conference= a discussion for your work.

Couple= if it’s a couple, it’s 4 or 5 things.

Course= the way you chose on university.

Date= if you like someone you go on a date, to eat dinner or go to a movie.

Designer= someone who created clothes.

Dairy= you write your homework in your diary.

Discover= if you discover a country, you see it as a person for the first time of the world.

Diving= if you’re underwater and you have bottle of oxygen on your bag, you’re diving.

Don’t mention it= if you don’t pay attention.

Downtown= the center of the city.

End= if it’s the end of the movie, the movie is finished.

Environmental= the world around you.

Dit wil je ook lezen:

Essay= a type assignment for school.

Everyday= if you do something today and tomorrow, it’s every day.

Exchange= give thing in place of another.

Excuse me= if you step on someone’s toe you say: excuse me.

Factory= a place where people work, they make a product.

Foreign= outside your country

Funny= a good joke is funny.

Go clubbing= as you go out in the evening to the clubs, as a teenager. Than you drink, and you’re going to a disco, and that kind of stuff.

Good fun= fun that you like.

Good looking= if your handsome, you’re also good looking.

Graduate= if you finish high school, you’re graduate.

Grow up= as you was first 3 years old and now 12 years old, you grow up.

Guilty= if you did a crime, and the judge thinks you did it, you’re guilty.

Hairbrush= with this you brush you hair.

Hard= if you work very hard, you do a lot of things for your work.

Have a good weekend= this is what you say to someone if it’s Friday, and you wish him a good         


Information= data

It doesn’t matter= if you think that it isn’t that important, that the other person know it.

Kid= a human under eighteen years old.

Last= if you’re last in a line, you’re the person in the most back of the line.

Last= you’re the latest.

Lawyer= if you have a court, you have someone who stands up for you.

Leave= if someone goes he leave the place where you are.

Mean= if you mean it really, you don’t say a lie.

Medicine= this is for as you’re ill you get a medicine and you’re not ill anymore.

Midnight= it’s the mid of the night.

Mouse mat= this is the mat where you move on with your mouse of the computer.

Never mind= you never may forgot this.

No problem= it isn’t a problem.

Object= the thing/ people who do something in a sentence.

Outgoing= if you’re going outside you’re outgoing.

Pencil sharpener= if your pencil is blunt and you like it sharpener, you use your pencil sharpener.

Pleased to meet you= this is what you say, if you like it to meet that person.

Poor= this is someone with not a lot of money.

Problem= trouble

Relationship= if you have a relationship with someone, you know that person very well.

Retired= this is as you’re 67, you don’t have to work anymore.

Ring= a circle with a nice color, you put in on your finger.

Rubber= this is a material, it’s very sponshy.

Scissors= this is a this of metal, you cut things with it.

See you later= this is what you say, if you say goodbye to someone.

Separate= if you’re different you’re separate.

Share= if you share a secret with someone, you tell the secret to someone.

Single= if you don’t have a boyfriend/girlfriend.

Snowboard= a big board where you stand on at the snow.

Sometimes= if you do something sometimes, you don’t do it often, but never either.

Star sign= this is what month you was born, that is where your star sign come from.

Store= it’s big shop.

Successful= if you’re successful in social live, you have a lot of friends.

Sunglasses= the glasses who are the glass is dark and you put it on if there is a lot of sun.

Surfing= you stand on a board on sea, if there are very high waves.

Theatre= this is a place, where drama acts are happening.

Tissues= this is a part of your skin.

Twin= if you and your sister/brother was born on the same day.

Vegetarian= this is a person who eats never meat.

Wallet= in this you put your money in.

Wonderful= if something is very special and spectacular, you call it wonderful. 


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