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Beoordeling 6.5
Foto van een scholier
  • Antwoorden door een scholier
  • 3e klas vwo | 1602 woorden
  • 15 oktober 2003
  • 21 keer beoordeeld
  • Cijfer 6.5
  • 21 keer beoordeeld

Rapportperiode 2

1. acknowledgement begrijpend He nodded his head in acknowledgement.
2. assertiveness stelling, zelfbewust Getting served at one of those counters is like doing a crash course in assertiveness.
3. benches werkbanken We worked at the same factory, in the same room, at opposite benches.
4. carriage coupé Only the carriage filled up when we stopped at Richmond.
5. cheekily brutaal ‘I’m really sorry,’ he grinned, cheekily.
6. common algemeen A common bond in being cleverest.

7. complexion teint,huidskleur And she had a pale complexion.
8. convince overtuigen Dad still wasn’t really convinced.
9. curtseyed maakten een buiging voor We curtseyed to the lady councillor.

10. daft gek It did not mean I was daft.
11. dangle bengelen He was sitting on the side of the pool, dangling his feet in the water.
12. despatch verzendafdeling He worked out in the despatch.
13. developments ontwikkelingen I didn’t want to go on holiday in case there were some serious developments
14. disgrace misdragen We disgraced ourselves while eating celery.
15. drench doorweken I heard a huge splash and the next thing I knew I was drenched.
16. engage verloven Get engaged, marry and travel interstate.

17. envy benijden Not that I envy her, really.
18. epilogue nawoord I’ll just go straight to the epilogue.
19. equal gelijke We were first equal Mary and I.
20. exaggerate overdrijven She was exaggerating a little.
21. fairly eerlijk It had been a fairly major victory.
22. flamboyant zwierig, opzichtig All I’d managed in three months was 500 ‘Good mornings’, and a flamboyant wave once or twice a week.
23. forking out geld uitgeven He didn’t believe in forking out for uniforms.
24. furiously furieus He was scribbling furiously on a paper.
25. gradually geleidelijk Then just sort of bring movies into the conversation, gradually.
26. gritted op elkaar geklemde ‘More like too late,’ I said, through gritted teeth, watching Pam blush furiously.
27. hankies zakdoeken I was surrounded by people sniffing an blowing away into hankies.
28. hesitate aarzelen She hesitated at the front gate.
29. hoodlums relschoppers

I’ve never seen so many hoodlums and sharpies and vandals and murderers all such good friends before.
30. immaculate onberispelijk She was immaculate.
31. languishing luierend I spent my time languishing on the beach.
32. lavish overvloedig The table was lavishly covered with platters of food.
33. led on aan het lijntje houden I could tell he was upset and was obviously thinking I'd led him on.
34. lilo luchtbed I took my lilo into the pool.
35. mortified vernederd We were too mortified to go back to the dinning table.
36. mufflered warm ingepakt Mary’s father,mufflered, contrasting strangely with the elegant greyhounds by his side.
37. nod knikken He nodded his head in acknowledgement.
38. nurse opscheppen I nursed a bit of potato salad on my plate.
39. persuade overhalen It had taken months before Mum and I had managed to persuade Dad.
40. rage woede She gets in such a rage.
41. rarely zelden But I knew that these holiday romances very rarely worked outside the resort.
42. relish tray rauwkostschotel When we were presented with our first relish tray, the celery caught us unprepared.
43. retreat terugtocht Our family beat a retreat back to the sofa as if chased by enemy soldiers.
44. revolting walgelijk Sour cream sounded perfectly revolting.
45. rip opensnijden Ripping open seats, breaking windows, carving their names in the woodwork.
46. shuffling schuifelen It was shuffling its way from the back stalls to the front.
47. sightseeing bezoeken van bezienswaardigh. He’d wanted to go sightseeing somewhere in Italy.
48. sneer grijnzen It was just the way he sneered all the time.
49. squinting scheel kijken ‘It’s OK,’ I said squinting in the sunlight.
50. staple nieten And we staple it up.
51. stilted vormelijk, stijf After a stilted conversation she finally let me in and we walked into the living room.
52. tanned bruinverbrand Suddenly I was confronted by a tall boy who was tanned and also dripping wet.
53. thumb gebonk I could have stapled up my thumb inside one of the bags an not noticed it was missing.
54. unison harmonie,tegelijk Our family shook heads in unison.
55. witty geestig She was tall, and cool, and poised and witty.
56. wrapper omslag, wikkel He started clearing up his wrappers and bags

Rapportperiode 3

1. according overeenstemmend Only children do get a bad press but this is according to Ann Laybourn.
2. acquaint kennismaken I eventually got acquainted with a few other kids in school.
3. advance voortgang, naderen Able to reverse the steady advance of its grey cousin and save the species dying out.
4. allocated toekennen Lines close when all seats have been allocated.
5. appreciation waardering It also shows your appreciation.
6. approach benadering Father’s approach to english was a scientific one.
7. aspiring eerzuchtig Now Chelsea’s aspiring youngsters are privileged in the same way.
8. assume voornemen, aantrekken, aannemen Parents of larger families often assume you can’t cope wiht looking after their offpspring as well.
9. astonishing verbazingwekkend It’s astonishing to think that some of us were sceptical when he arrived at Chelsea.
10. attempt pogen, ondernemen Paul attempts to take his money.
11. attitude houding She tells about her own experiences and other people’s attitudes to only children.
12. bark blaffen ‘One hundred and twenty miles per hour!’ he barked.
13. boost zetje,hulp,steun The promotion not only brought a higher salary but was also a tremendous boost to his pride.
14. captivate boeien His recent performances as a TV commentator have captivated fans.
15. circumstance omstandigheden Those who have one child through circumstance and thos who are born to have on child.
16. contend worstelen, strijden Then you have the stereotype of the only child to contend with.
17. development ontwikkeling This does not seem to have a negative effect on their personal development.
18. dismissal ontslag, afwijzing As her letter of dismissal read.
19. drawback nadeel, bezwaar It never occurred to me that other people would see having one child as a drawback.
20. educate onderwijzen It’s not only Chelsea players who have been educated by Gullit.
21. employer werkgever Who’s your employer?
22. enamour verliefd op Gullit is enamoured with London living.
23. enlighten verlichten He feels English supporters need to be a little more enlightened.
24. executioner beul Like an executioner approaching his victim, the policeman came strolling towards us.
25. fondness tederheid He is amused by the fondness for sausages and bacon.
26. furniture meubilair We soon got all the furniture we needed.
27. goggles zonnebril His goggles were pulled up on the helmet.
28. hitch-hiker lifter I always stopped for hitch-hikers.
29. inflexion verbuiging He was always making diagrams of verbs and their inflexions.
30. iron strijken And of course it’s cheaper and I have less washing and ironing and cooking to do.
31. issue uitkomst, kwestie To me, it isn’t an issue.
32. launche aan de gang brengen The man who launched a craze of dreadlocks wigs that stretched from Milan to London.
33. leap springen The big car leaped forwards as though she’d been stung.
34. liquid vloeistof This helps to cool the liquid and prevent you from burning your lips.
35. literally letterlijk With quite literally nothing to lose.
36. murky donkere So there we were at the Lakeview, stumbling after the headwaiter in the murky dining room
37. mystify foppen, mystificeren The super reds, have mystified and excited scientists.
38. nosey parker nieuwsgierig aagje I’m a writer, and writers are terrible nosey parkers.
39. occurr gebeuren, voorkomen It never occurred to me that other people would see having one child as a drawback.
40. offence overtreding He filled in the date, the time and the details of my offence.
41. path pad, weg, baan Two men whose lives take a strange turn when their paths cross by chance.
42. possession bezit I don’t find sharing friends, my home or my possessions difficult.
43. pregnancy zwangerschap I was fit and felt wonderful throughout most of my pregnancy.
44. presence persoonlijkheid He has incredible presence.
45. reassure opnieuw verzekeren Martha Cherry is the sort of reassuring postwoman everybody would like....
46. remain overblijven The Royal Mint is concerned that too few pennies are remaining in circulation.
47. retain onthouden Gullit says ‘Hi’, waves casually, enough to statisfy his public and retain his privacy.
48. reverse tegengestelde, omgekeerd Able to reverse the steady advance of its grey cousin and save the species dying out.
49. reward beloning I was rewarded with a beautiful daughter.
50. rummage sales rommelmarkten And mother discovered rummage sales.
51. sack ontslaan Or she would until last month, she was sacked from the suburban round.
52. sceptical twijfelzuchtig It’s astonishing to think that some of us were sceptical when he arrived at Chelsea.
53. shrub heester From behind the shrubs that line her route in White Plains...
54. skilled trade vak It’s what I call a skilled trade.
55. smugly zelfvoldaan ‘I shall have finished my project by Monday,’ he would say smugly.
56. species soorten, geslachten Able to reverse the steady advance of its grey cousin and save the species dying out.
57. spit spuug, speeksel He turned his head and spat out a big gob of spit on the wing of my car.
58. spoil bederven, schaden Only children are spoilt and lonely.
59. squirrel eekhoorn A forest in the middle of Scotland may have produced a new breed of red squirrel.
60. strain ras, stam Experts believe they could be a new strain.
61. striking treffend, opvallend Only children are strikingly like other children from small families.
62. suburban voorstad, bekrompen Or she would until last month, she was sacked from the suburban round.
63. tremendous geweldig,kolossaal The promotion not only brought a higher salary but was also a tremendous boost to his pride.
64. unflattering The great joy of leaving school used to be knowing that your unflattering uniform....
65. urgency dringendheid A waiter, sensing my urgency, quikly directed me to the ladies’ room.
66. valuable waardevol Gullit felt privileged to learn valuable lessons from Johan Cruyff.
67. waitress She took a job as a waitress.


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