• That’s not so easy. It depends on your mother’s taste. I hope she doesn’t want expensive presents. And how about you? How much money have you got to spend? Did you save much?

• Have you no idea at all? That’s impossible, isn’t it? Have you ever thought about it? You do have a little money, don’t you? You can always borrow some from me.

• About 35 guilders. That should be enough. I’m sure we can find something nice. Have you really no idea? China, porcelain, perfume?

• How about a book with photographs of Holland? That’s fantastic. It’s not expensive and there is plenty of choice. It doesn’t have to be new.

• Something typically Dutch, perhaps? Isn’t that a good idea?

• Cheese, coffee, gin, cigars, cocoa?

• There are all kinds of souvenir shops. We can always take a look. It will probably all be worthless junk. Windmills and wooden shoes. But you never know. Shall we take a look this afternoon?

• Shall we take a look this afternoon? You never can tell. We have plenty of time, anyway. Perhaps we’ll find something very original.

• Let browse a bit first. There’s plenty of choice. It’s not expensive, either. The quality seems quite reasonable. Better than usual.

• They seem a bit fragile, though. Do you think you can put them in the dishwasher? They’re very nice, but I’m afraid they’re not so strong.

• Has your mother any hobbies? Animals perhaps? Dogs, cats or other pets?

• Does she like small objects? Does she collect them?

• Look here. How about these tiny mice? They’re china. Absolutely ideal. They’re a bargain. Less than 25 guilders.

• No, but they’re cheap and this typically Dutch. They’re light and easy to carry. It will be the beginning of her collection. Mice! We’d save almost ten guilders! Enough for a couple of ice creams.


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