Luisterboeken: de makkelijke optie? Lars is niet echt een fan van lezen. Daarom gaat hij op zoek naar de beste manieren om door zijn leeslijst heen te komen. Red je het met alleen maar samenvattingen, of is een e-reader of luisterboek een betere optie? Deze video wordt mede mogelijk gemaakt door Storytel.

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Dit is mijn ruwe versie. het is niet gecontroleerd door een leraar dus er kunnen fouten inzitten!!

Dialoog Opdracht 35
Teacher: Hello, my name is Mr .... . Pleased to meet you.
You: Hello, my name is ..... . Pleased to meet you.
Teacher: It is interesting to hear you’re from Holland. What two places in your country are worth visiting?
You: If I could chose, I prefer to visit Amsterdam and Utrecht. In Amsterdam, you can visit the Anne Frank House and you can see the old buildings. In Utrecht you can shop and go to museums.
Teacher: That sounds nice. I would rather go to Amsterdam. I would like to go to the Anne Frank House, because I read her diary and I’m very interested in her.
What is your first impression of this school?
You: I feel at ease here. I’ve walked around with my parents inside and outside the school building. I like it that the building isn’t very big. And I like all the teachers.
Teacher: I’m very glad that your first impression is positive. There are all sorts of subjects you can do, like history, math and geography. The school also has a sports club and a drama club. Which subjects or activities do you prefer?
You: I would like to go to a drama club, because I like drama very much. It is also my intention to improve my English. I hope my English will progress faster than in Holland. I don’t think I speak English as well as I’d like.
Teacher: Making mistakes is okay. It is important to speak a lot of English when the lessons are over too. Staying with a host family is an excellent way to learn English. Other benefits are that the people are very nice to you and you have a room for your own.
You: How important is homework?
Teacher: Learning words and expressions for the next lesson is very important, of course. It really annoyed me that some French children didn’t do anything to prepare their lessons last month. And they spoke very little English with the host families.
You: It’s no use to follow classes then, because they don’t want to learn, I think. I think I can handle a lot of homework. I consider English as the most important foreign language. I think it’s important that I can speak English very well, for example when I’m on vacation in an other country. And maybe I have to speak English when I have a job.
Teacher: How strange that you think you don’t speak English well enough. You’ve hardly made any mistakes.
You: Thanks for your compliment. I’m going to look around for a while, because it’s raining terribly hard. Well, goodbye. It’s great to visit your school in July.

Dialoog Opdracht 36
You: Excuse me, but can you tell me where I can have a cup of tea?
Robert: We’ll have to go that way than. I’d also like something to drink.
You: So, you’re going to stay in England for a whole year.
Robert: This is part of an exchange. I feel anxious about the lesson, because it was terribly difficult for me. It’s all much more difficult than I had expected. What’s your opinion?
You: I’m sorry about that. Speaking English is not easy, but speaking is usually not as easy as reading, for instance. You’ll just need more time. I’m sure it’s going to be all right. I’ve been here for a week now, and things are a lot better than they were in the beginning.
Robert: It may be my own fault. I don’t always do my homework. There are so many other more interesting things. Do you also have any problems with that?
You: It is great that they gave me guidance the first weeks. I do my homework every evening between six and half past seven. And so far, I have succeeded in doing so.
Robert: That’s really smart! Actually, I think it’s rather difficult to organise things well. What can I do about that?
You: I think you have to get your homework done early in the evening and you can make notes every lesson, so you can’t forget anything important.
Robert: You’re right. Actually, I should also do more to have more fun here. I think I have to get involved in clubs, or something. And I think I should smile more to everyone.
You: Oh no! Your tea glass is broken. This is most dangerous.
Robert: I can’t believe this. I won’t accept this! They won’t attract many pupils this way. Excuse me, I hate to trouble you, but this glass is broken.
Assistant: I’m really sorry. It could’ve been happened when I put them in the dishwasher. I will give you another glass of tea.
Robert: Thank you. The assistant will give me another glass of tea.
You: I’m really surprised. You speak English well and fast when you’re angry. You don’t have to worry about your English. You only have to learn to speak that way when you feel at ease. Listen, I’m afraid I really must be off now. I’m having lunch with a friend in fifteen minutes. Bye!


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