Claws door John Landon

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Boekcover Claws
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Boekcover Claws
Claws door John Landon
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Title of the book:          Claws
Author of the book:     John Landon

1. Who is the main character in the book?
Larry Bakewell

2. How do you know this? How is the main character different from the secondary character(s)?
They are telling everything about his life, his passion, what he does and is experiencing. You can read his thoughts and can follow where he goes. He is in every part of the book, and no of the other characters is in every part, only Larry is.

3. Give also the names of two secondary characters.
1. Professor (Max) Lugner
2. Greg

4. Explain for each of them why they are important in the story with respect to the main character.
1. Larry takes a job as a cook for an expedition in the mountains. This expedition is organized by professor Lugner. Professor Lugner is Larry’s boss.
2. On the expedition, Larry does experience a lot with Greg. He finds out things, and they have secrets only they know.

  1. The plot of a story are all the events that together make up the story.
    Write down the plot in 10 steps:
    ▪ Re-tell the story in your own words (in English) in the order in which everything happened in the book.
    ▪ You may use two sentences for each step.
    ▪ Make sure that people who have not read the book know what the story was about.
    1. Larry finds his perfect job, he calls the secretary so he can apply for it. It’s a job as a cook for an expedition in the mountains. They will look for the Toruk, a dangerous creature that lives in the Afghanistan mountains.
    2. Larry’s going to apply for the job. He sees a fake Toruk in the room. Then professor Lugner, his future boss, gives Larry an interview.
    3. Larry receives a letter. It says he’s hired. Larry is very happy and tells his brother.
    4. With the members of the expedition, he travels from London to Kabul. This day, they meet each other for the first time. Professor Lugner tells the plans.
    5. The members of the expedition fly with a plane from Kabul to Khalid, the village down the mountain where the Toruk lives. In this village they do their last preparations, like finding porters to take all things with them.
    6. The expedition goes up the mountain towards the Mantra Pass. Here they sleep for a night. After this night, they go to Mount Kanchen to look for the Toruk.
    7. They find Toruk’s footprints. The porters are too afraid to stay, so they leave. Because of this and also bad weather, the expedition has to stay on Mantra Pass, They will look for Toruk from this place, they don’t go further.
    8. Larry finds out professor Lugner is making the Toruk footprints. Greg, another member of the expedition, also has found this out. But they both know there is also a real Toruk.
    9. Greg and Larry follow the professor when he’s going to make footprints again. They hear a scream. The professor is killed by the real Toruk.
    10. When they come back, Larry is very famous and his picture is on the frontpage of every newspaper in the country. Later he writes a book about the expedition.


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