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Red Alert

Advanced Red Alert version 1.9 is a game based on the game Command&Conquer: Red Alert. Objective is to obtain as much ore as you can and defeat the enemy forces. 4 Buildings and 2 Units can be build: Headquarters, Barracks, Warfactory, Orefactory, Infantry and Tanks. To build a tank, a Headquarters needs to be builded and than a Warfactory. To train infantry, a Headquarters needs to be builded and than Barracks. The Orefactory adds 100 to your money every turn. The game has 3 difficulties: easy, midi and hard. The highscore will be saved all the time.

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Gemaakt door:

Erik J. Beerlage

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Geschikt voor:

Texas Instruments 83,Texas Instruments 83-Plus,Texas Instruments 84-Plus


Spel - Strategie