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Oliver Twist

Charles Dickens



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Title : Oliver Twist

Author : Charles Dickens

Year of publication: 1837

Number of pages: 416


Oliver is born in a workhouse. When he was born his mother died. So he transferd to an orphanage, where he spend nine years of his life. He didn't had a name yet, till he moved to the orphanage. They called him Oliver Twist. But then, after nine years, a man comes to take Oliver to a workhouse, because of he was too old for an orphanage. He hadn't a great time at the orphanage, but it would be much worse at the workhouse.

One time they eating soup, but Oliver didn't had enough and was still hungry. So he asked for more soup, but he'd did that better to don't ask for more soup. They opine that like a shame and they send him to a man who makes coffins, named Mr. Sowerberry. He lives deeply unhappy that periode. He have to work very hard. One day he decided to elope, because he couldn't handle it anymore. He roamed a long time and he begged for money and food, till he reached London. In London he met a boy of his age, named Jack Dawkins. He's really nice to him and he took him to a place where many childern of his age came. All of those childern were working as a pickpocket. The childern were educated by a man, called Fagin. He sends the childern to work for him every day.

Oliver met many different people, most of them were criminal. One of them he met that period was Bill Sakes, a rude young boy who's one of the best friends of Fagin. And he met Bill Sakes' girlfriend, Nancy. She was a very nice person and she treated Oliver very nicely. One day he, Charley Bates (a boy who also works for Fagin) and Jack Dawkins gone on the streets to see how Charley and Jack were pocket-picking. At one moment the boys had pocket-picked at a rich man at a stall market. The boys ran, except Oliver. Oliver stayed like a statue, that resulted to suspicion and Oliver captured by the police. But the owner of the stall market helped Oliver and said that he was innocent.

Oliver is so happy, when a nice old man took him to his home and he took care off Oliver. The old man named Mr. Brownlow. But then, when he send Oliver to the bookstore to hand over the books, he was kidnapped by Nancy and Bill. They took Oliver to back to Fagin. He lived there unhapply, and it became worse when he have to go with Bill to hack a house.

After the hack, they ran away. But Oliver was shocked and got shot down by Mr. Giles, one of the servants. Rose Fleming, a young and innocent woman who lives in that house that Sikes attempted to rob, and who found the wounded Oliver, became convinced of his innocence, and nursed him back to health. He lives there very happily and he has got cheered up very fast.

Nancy had figured much of his past out while he was gone. With danger for own life she eavesdrops a conversation and goes to Rose and Mr. Brownlow to inform them about Oliver.

Monks, a rude man, came on visit at Fagin’s and Nancy heard that Monks wants to educate Oliver as criminal and he pays Fagin too for that for a long time. That’s the reason why Fagin wants to keep Oliver in the clutches.  She also tells to Rose and Mr. Brownlow that Monks knows the secret behind the identity of Oliver. Brownlow looked Monks up, after a meeting with Nancy, and he can’t believe his eyes. Monks real name is actually Edward Leeford and he’s the son of an old friend of Brownlow.

Meanwhile Fagin knows that Nancy had told information and he told this to Bill. Bill gets angry and he kills Nancy. And Fagin and his crew were arrested. Monks met Mr. Bumble, the master of the workhouse in which Oliver was born, and Widow Corney, now Bumble's unhappily married wife. From them he buys a locket and a ring that belonged to Oliver's mother, the only proof of his half-brother's true identity. After he bought them he throws them into a river. And he confessed an unexpected thing to Brownlow. Monks is the half-brother of Oliver.  But he held his identity always back because of his inheritance. Because if someone knew that, he should have to give the half of his dad’s inheritance to Oliver. And Monks didn’t want that. Monks emigrates and dies in prison. Mr Bumble an his wife end their days as paupers in the workhouse. Rose marries Harry Maylie. Oliver is adopted by Mr Brownlow and they live next door to the Maylies, forming a happy familly.

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