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Stephenie Meyer



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  • 6 november 2009
The whole story is told by Bella Swan, a girl from Phoenix. She has always been different, she didnít belong to a group, no one did pay really attention to her and she didnít care. Her parents divorced a couple of years ago and Bella used to live with her mother. But since her mum remarried she moved in by her dad, living in Forks a small rainy village near the beach. Her first school day did already went different then she expected, a several boys liked her just like her new friend Jessica. For the first time in her live, Bella really did belong to a group, a popular one. But something else attracted her attention, it was a group consisting out of three boys and two girls who always sat in the back of the auditorium. They were different from others, they didnít ate, barely spoke and only sat together. Bella did specially noticed one boy, Edward.

First, Edward tried to avoid Bella. But during a short period they really start to know and care about each other. Edward seems to look straight into Bellaís soul and both of them fell deeply in love. But still Bella doesnít trust the whole situation, Edward is sometimes acting strange, his eyes changes color, heís very intelligent and strong but also pale and cold. When she comes too near, he react very weird. And once a day, he saves her from the death. A car almost crashed in her but he jumped in front of her and stopped the car by his bare hands. During a deeply conversation, Bella finds out, Edward is a vampire. But he isnít like a vampire the stories says, he donít burn when appearing in sunlight, he wonít get wings and donít sleep in a coffin. Edward had some special abilities, heís incredibly strong and fast and he can read minds, except for Bellaís. And the most important part is that he and his family are vegetarian, meaning they only hunt on animals and donít drink human blood.

But Bell didnít give up, she wasnít scared of him. She trusted him not to hurt her or anyone else of his family. At school people already are getting used to Edward dating Bella. Bella went to meet the Cullens, the family of Edward. None of the family were real official family members. The first who turned into a vampire was Carlisle, he lived alone for years working in several hospitals, till he met the seventeenth, almost dying Edward. Carlisle had two options, seeing Edward dying or give him the same fade; turning him into a vampire, and he did so. The second one Carlisle turned into a vampire was Esme, she tried suicide after her child died and Carlisle found her, fell in love and married. Rosalie was also turned into a vampire and while she was hunting for some Animals she found Emmett attacked by a bear. She carried him 100 miles to Carlisle to transform him as well, after that they married too. And the last couple were Alice and Jasper, Alice was the most petite and playful member of the family. Very soon she and Bella became very good friends. Alice had a special ability, knowing the future. But she wasnít turned into a vampire by Carlisle, just like her boyfriend Jasper. They both met and went on searching for the Cullens, because they wanted to become vegetarian too.

Everything went well, till spring break. Bella went together with the Cullens to play a baseball game. But during the game, they met three other vampires, no vegetarian. They immediately smelled Bella was human and they tried to kill her. The Cullens and Bella fights to Phoenix, hoping the hunters wouldnít find them. But into phoenix, Bella got a call from James, one of these vampires, to come to the ballet room otherwise he would kill her mum. Bella didnít said anything to Alice and Jasper and hurried to the ballet room. It was empty, her mum wasnít even there. Suddenly James appeared and attacked her, he broke her legs made her bleed and bite her. Fortunately the Cullens came before she died and killed James. Bella had to go to the hospital, but she survived because Edward sucked the poison out of her before it turned her into a vampire as well.
Some days after the attack Edward invited Bella to the prom. Despite Bella couldnít dance because of her legs, they did. She asked him to turn her into a vampire as well, so she wouldnít have to lose him again, but Edward refused.

Thatís how it ended.
May be you understand where the cover picture came from.
On the cover, a apple is shown, it represents the forbidden fruit from the book of genesis.
It stands for the love between Bella and Edward, which is forbidden.
In the beginning of the book, there is a quote of genesis:
But the tree of knowledge, of good and evil.
You shall not eat of it:
For the day youíll eat there of
You shall die

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