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Wuthering heights

Woeste hoogten

Emily BrontŽ



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5.6 / 10
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  • 26 oktober 2003
What does the title mean?
Woeste hoogte

Where does the story take place?
Somewhere in Great-Britain (England)

The main characters in this story are Heath cliff and Catherine.
Heath cliff is an adopted boy, with dark skin and a handsome but stern appearance. He is a very passionate romantic hero, but manages to express his feelings in the most fiendish ways. The frustrations of his love for Catherine compel him to destroy everything he finds in his path, including the woman he loves.

Catherine is a very daring and independent person with great strength of character. She could have been Heath cliffís perfect soul mate, if they could only have stopped (unintended) aggravating each other all the time. They wanted to love each other, but somehow they only managed to drive themselves apart.

Is this a real story or did the author made it up?
The author cloud make it up but I donít think so why there are things in it you donít make up

What did you like best?
When heat cliff and Catherine where tighter oneís again the end of the movie

Mr Earnshaw, Catherine father brings home an orphan boy.
His son Hindley hates the boy, but his sister Catherine seemed to feel natural attracted to him, she loves him more than herself.
One day Catherine and Heat cliff
Go to a big house, but when a dog has taken her, the family take care of her
When she comes back, she is changed, now she behaves like a lady.
Heat cliff dosed like that and is very mad at her.
Heat cliff diapered for a wile when her returned
Catherine was married to Edgar Linton. Heath cliff made a plan to destroy the Lintonís and the Earnshaws.
After a long illness Catherine died, partly as the result of Heath cliff\'s behaviour.
She left a daughter behind, named Catherine Linton.
He forced her, when she was older, to marry his repulsive son to get all the Linton property. Heath cliff, tired of life, but his sadness for the death of Catherine could make him happy.
He say the daughter of Catherine playing whit Linton the looked very much like when Catherine and heath cliff when the were younger.
When he died he found Catherine oneís again.
Harmony was restored between the Lintonís and the Earnshaws.

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Ik heb je naslagwerk gelezen, ik heb net 't zelfde boek gelezen, en ook een naslagwerk moeten maken.. op zich heb ik over't algemeen dezelfde inhoud, maar sommige delen komen precies anders voor bij ons he.. Welke mening heb je over het boek..? laat het me weten alsjeblieft.. xxx Stefan..
door Stefan Seymus (reageren) op 26 februari 2004 om 15:19


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