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De watergodin

Catherine Fisher




4.9 / 10
  • anoniem
  • EN
  • 638 woorden
  • 15457 keer
    6 deze maand
  • 1 december 2004
Conor was dropped at a verry dark lane. He began to run into the lane. Suddenly he heard a sound. There was a man playing at his fiddle. Something was crawling there, it was water. But the man wasn’t afraid of it. He was mad at it. Then he played along. The next morning his mother wondered where has been. She asked it in the bar. The fiddler, who is called Meurig, came in the pub and asked for the job in the pub. To get the job, he had tot play a little tune to present himself. Jill, conors mother, thinks he is wondeful and hires Meurig. Conor isn’t happy with the man he saw last night. The fiddler lives in the watchtower at the beach and conor must help to carry the lugage to it. Conor asked Meurig the question: “are you save from the water?” And meurig’s reaction is: “For me, nowere is save!” The purpose of the tower is to protect the town against the river by keeping an eye on it. In the tower seems to be someone. Conor gets a little piece op candle (!) and Meurig lost his mind. Sahra comes to pick Conor up at the house. The go to Carriston’s house to help him to unpack stuff out because he is moving to another house. He collect antique and that’s why he has an alarmsystem. 2 Years ago he has been robbed. Conor and Carriston went to the pub in the afternoon. Conor keeps thinking about the river called The Severn. Carriston recognizes Meurig as the burgler from 2 year ago. On the table a candle is burning. Conor says that the candle shouldn’t be burning. Hafran says:”I can’t do that!” Conor took Sara with him to Carristons’s to switch the candle. But at Carriston’s house is an alarm. So she must make up a trick to get Carriston away from the candle. Sara asked for the most valuable thing Carriston has, and Carriston shows them a box. On the box is the texture: The River Severn Without Mercy. But there is no candle in it. Sara lures Carriston away so Conor can switch the candles. They go home, but they fall en a woman pickes up the candle. They talk at Mrs jones’ and went to the watchtower to see if meurig is still alive. Hafran has the candle. She will let Meurig live if Meurig opens the sluices. A boat arrives in the shadow with an old man. Conor and Sara went abourd on it. The ferryman takes them to Hafran’s Island. Birds atteck them. They have got to be back before tide. There is a cat. They are trying to avoid it, because it’s dangerous. They have the candle back from Hafran. The cat attacks Conor. Meurig falls when they try to get out of the cave. Meurig lights the candle so that he can see where he’s going. When they are out of the cave they went to the water. At first the ferryman wasn’t there. But later he was back. They go aboard. Hafran is mad. She try is trying to get him. But she can’t. they go back to the pub “The Sea Wall Inn”. The tide began to rise fast. They stay in the pub altough the police said they better shouldn't do it. Everybody, but without Meurig,is in the pub. They must leave according to Meurig. The pub has water in it. They try to keep the water out. It’s all over and Meurig must protect the candle, because there is still a curse on it. They put the candle in a safe at the Royal Banks of wales. They see the cat for the last time in front of the Royal Bank. Meurig will be watching the river for ever…

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